In two weeks SIMETRI, will be celebrating its one-year anniversary. We released our first coin Pick of the Month report on July 9, 2019, and since then we have been working hard providing our members with profitable insights.

We spend a great deal of time reviewing other projects and talking about their successes and failures, so it’s only fair that on our one-year anniversary we share a progress report on ourselves and evaluate how we are doing.

SIMETRI Performance (July 9th, 2019 to June 24th, 2020)

Since officially opening up to the public on July 9th, 2019, we have released 12 Pick of the Month reports, 27 full Digital Asset Reports with a grade of B- or higher, 35 Coins on the Move trade signals, and 14 Pro BTC Trader signals.

Below we share the performance (ROI) of our investment reports relative to USD along with two other benchmarks, BTC and Altcoins (overall crypto market cap minus Bitcoin market cap). We use CoinMarketCap spot and market cap prices for our calculations.

Pick of the Month Reports (July 9th to June 24th)

Pick of the Month Bitcoin Altcoins Market
July 9, 2019 $12,573 $124.3B
June 24, 2020 251.4 % $9,298 $94.2B
Net Change +251.4% -26% -24%

Here are the results of our 12 Pick of the Month reports:

Project Date Published Date end Start price End price ($) ROI (%)
Theta (THETA) 7/9/19 6/24/20 0.12 0.2443 103.58
Harmony (ONE) 8/13/19 6/24/20 0.01151 0.0047 -59.18
RSK (RIF) 9/10/19 6/24/20 0.139979 0.0807 -42.37
THORChain (RUNE) 10/8/19 6/24/20 0.01197 0.3341 2691.39
Klaytn (KLAY) 11/12/19 6/24/20 0.157056 0.1722 9.67
Tellor (TRB) 12/10/19 6/24/20 4.9 7.2400 47.76
Kava (KAVA) 1/14/20 6/24/20 1.03 1.1 6.80
Huobi Token (HT) 2/11/20 6/24/20 4.62 4.26 -7.79
Ren (REN) 3/10/20 6/24/20 0.071331 0.1648 130.97
Band Protocol (BAND) 4/14/20 6/24/20 0.564327 1.29 128.59
Proton (XPR) 5/1/20 6/24/20 0.019986 0.0163 -18.26
Kyber (KNC) 6/9/20 6/24/20 0.873952 1.17 25.30


  • Out of our 12 Pick of the Month Reports we had 8 winning picks and 4 losing picks for a total ROI of +251.4%. 
  • During the same period, Bitcoin lost 26%, and the overall Altcoins Market lost 24%
  • We beat Bitcoin by 277.4% and the overall Altcoins Market by 275%
  • We had 1 homerun (THORchain) which generated 27X.
  • We had 3 base hits (100%-200% gains) – there were actually more winners and we issued take profit reports when prices rose and several have experienced price drops since.
  • Our two biggest losers were Harmony (-59%) and RSK (-42%)
  • We have recently explained the investment strategy behind the Pick of the Month feature and we have indeed exceeded our goals with this strategy.

Full Digital Asset Reports (July 9th to June 24th)

Digital Asset Reports (B- or higher) Bitcoin Altcoins Market
July 9, 2020 $12,573 $124.3B
June 24, 2020 83.4% $9,298 $94.2B
Net Change +83.4 -26% -24%


  • During the period from July 9th, 2020 to June 24th, 2020, we issued 27 reports with a grade of B- or higher (long-term investable)
  • We have booked an overall gain of 83.4% while Bitcoin lost 26%, and the overall Altcoins Market lost 24%
  • We beat Bitcoin by 109.4% and the overall Altcoins Market by 107.4%
  • Of the 27 reports with a grade of B- or higher, 13 were winning trades and 13 are currently trading at a loss while 1 is at break even.

Coins on the Move 

  • From Oct 3rd, 2019 (when we launched Coins on the Move) until today, we issued a total of 35 trade recommendations with 19 winning trades, 14 losing trades, and 2 trades closed with no gain or loss.
  • Coins on the Move currently has a cumulative ROI of +185%.

Pro BTC Trader

  • From Dec. 18th 2019 (when we launched Pro BTC Trader) until today, we issued a total of 14 trade recommendations with 4 winning trades, 4 losing trades, and 6 trades closed with no gain or loss.
  • Pro BTC Trader currently has a cumulative ROI of +31.9%. 

Overall, it’s apparent that the most successful feature of SIMETRI is our coin Pick of the Month with a total gain of +251%. The second most successful feature was Coins on the Move with a cumulative gain of +185%.

It is also comforting to know that all SIMETRI’s features have brought our members, at minimum, double-digit returns. We launched SIMETRI to give our members the same privileged look into the markets that insiders have.

After evaluating the results of our reports over the past year we believe SIMETRI has been instrumental in our mission to help level the playing field for crypto investors suffering from the information asymmetry prevalent in the crypto industry.

Our internal takeaway is that while Pick of the Month and Coins on the Move have been unquestionably successful, we need to work harder on our full Digital Asset Reports and Pro BTC Trader.

One-Year Anniversary Special Report releasing tomorrow

Overall, SIMETRI has been a huge success and has helped many of our members make extraordinary gains over the past year. This is remarkable considering we have been in a bear market during most of this period. One can only imagine what returns may look like during a bull market.

In celebration of our one-year anniversary, we are releasing a special bonus report tomorrow at 1pm EST on a DeFi project that has been around for quite some time and has proven its value to the ecosystem time over time. But for some reason, it’s currently trading at a fraction of the price of its nearest competitor.

Our research team believes this project has the potential to be the next home run for SIMETRI!