In previous issues of Alphaverse, we discussed how you could be eligible for the StarkNet airdrop by doing activities like trading on If you did them, you are eligible for StarkNet airdrop. Check your eligibility and claim tokens here.

StarkNet drop is a good reminder of two things: blockchains with solid investors give some of the fattest airdrops, and multi-account strategies can lead to frustrations.

I won’t dive into details, but some users employed hundreds of accounts to farm STRK. However, Starkware, the team behind the project, utilized strict filters that flagged numerous accounts as suspicious. As a consequence, some accounts got millions while others got zero.

We still want to farm large L1 projects but prioritize quality over quantity. So, before I give you a refresher on what networks to farm, I want to provide some precautions. 

First, use a specialized browser. If you’re using multiple accounts, a single wallet like MetaMask won’t be enough. You need several MetaMasks. My go-to browser for this is Gologin. It’s not free, but it will pay off.

Next is avoiding connections between your wallets. Ideally, they should never transact with each other. Use CEXs and bridges like Stargate to fund instead. For instance, you can send ETH from one wallet to multiple addresses via Stargate. Filters won’t likely catch bridge addresses, so they won’t recognize that you dispersed ETH from a single wallet among several addresses. 

Finally, timing and location. Filters probably aren’t advanced enough to analyze when and where you transact. However, if you want to have peace of mind, use proxies from resources like Astroproxy with Gologin. Also, spread your transactions throughout the day.

What does “transacting” mean? It means using various dApps like DEXs and NFT marketplaces. 

Ok, now we’re ready to go over the opportunities.

Linea Voyage

Linea is a network developed by Consensys, a leading force behind Ethereum. Its Voyage campaign was recently relaunched.

Getting to the campaign isn’t easy if you’re using a multi-account strategy since the project requires a Proof of Humanity. I suggest using Trusta to register wallets.

After proving that you’re human, head over to the campaign’s page and click around. Do as many activities as you can before you start feeling annoyed. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint, so it’s better to do less but frequently. 

The campaign link contains a referral code. After registering your first wallet, you can sign up for additional ones with your personal referral.


zkSync is similar to Arbitrum and Optimism in value proposition and quality of backers. Its ecosystem is pretty robust, but I suggest using SyncSwap to jump between ETH and stables every once in a while.


Similarly to zkSync, use SyncSwap on Scroll. However, I suggest using Ambient for occasional ETH<->stables swapping to simultaneously farm Ambient’s airdrop.