There’s a popular narrative that crypto projects have very low incentives to make meaningful announcements and provide value during the bull. It’s better to build in silence and wait for better times to let people know.

The major reason for this line of thinking is that in a bear market, positive developments are under-appreciated and any positive price action that follows teams’ actions cools off fast. Conversely, when sentiment is bullish even less meaningful updates will cause prices to grow.

This week, during what seems to be a crypto thaw, we’ve had at least four airdrops. One of them, Celestia, had a limited claim window, so I’m not going to talk about it. The others are retroactive, so it’s too late to do anything, but maybe your activity during the bear market will be noticed.

Solana Manlets Win

The crypto community loves dunking on Solana. After FTX imploded and Robinhood delisted and liquidated SOL, many had all the reasons to run victory laps around SOL holders. That was about the time the “Soylana Manlets” slang term emerged.

Several months later SOL outperformed the entire market during Solana’s key event: Breakpoint. Bitboy posted a disturbing self-portrait and joined Solana manlets, the new crypto winning camp. Meanwhile, Solana-based low caps performed extraordinarily well.

Solana is alive, and devs now have all the reasons to come out of their caves with good news. Two of them that we care about are the airdrops of PYTH and JUP tokens.

You can check your eligibility for PYTH here: The good thing is that you don’t have to be a Solana manlet to get it. The drop covers EVM and Cosmos ecosystem participants.

JUP details are more scarce. But, if you ever used Jupiter DEX on Solana, you will most likely get it.

DeFi Summer Redux

The most notable feature of DeFi Summer 2020 was ultra-high yields. Some of these yields were so astronomical that they didn’t make sense, but that’s mainly for garbage tokens.

With bullish sentiment high APYs returned. The most notable example is Prisma, a protocol that fuses Aave and Lido concepts.

The two things you should know: there’s a retroactive airdrop for early Prisma users (previously appeared in Alphaverse), and in the first week of the protocol’s lifecycle it will have high emissions or yield.

Here you will find all the pools, including liquidity miner pools with triple-digit APY on a fundamentally solid token. If you have a solid bag of ETH, I think it’s worth taking a look at them. You can also boost your APY substantially by locking earned PRISMA on Convex for four-digit APY. However, keep in mind that you will have to convert PRISMA to cvxPRISMA and that’s irreversible.

For the airdrop, the tokens will be locked and distributed later on. The claim page is here. Make sure you thoroughly read about distribution options.