If you’ve been here since 2022 or earlier, congratulations. We made it through a brutal bear market doing various activities and we’re starting to reap what we’ve sown. If you just recently joined this space, don’t fret! Although good opportunities will remain increasingly overcrowded, there still will be places to make money.

Wormhole’s W Airdrop

If you ever transferred money to Solana, you’re likely eligible for W, Wormhole’s bridge token. Wormhole has been the main bridge for Solana for the most part of the previous bull market, so if you were active on Solana at some point, the chances of getting W are high. 

Lasogette’s Bitcoin Migration

Initially, the Alphaverse was all about NFTs. Back then, my colleague Anthony covered Lasogette, a collection of weird-looking characters that resembled Milady and Remilio. The collection’s floor went up quickly but then subsided quickly as well.

If you FOMO’d in Lasogette back then, the good news is that the collection’s creator created Bitcoin Puppets with a current floor of over $10,000. Your Soggette can now be sold for 0.18 ETH and the price will likely increase in the future because Lasogette will become an Ordinals collection.

Ordzaar Boxes Drop

Ordzaar is taking a note from Blur’s playbook and rewarding Bitcoin users with boxes that will likely contain tokens. If you were early to the BRC20/Ordinals ecosystems (both mentioned in Alphaverse), you should get some.

Zenith – The Airdrop Farming Suite

Airdrop farming is slowly getting commoditized. I already shared a couple of tools like LootBot and Cometa before, but Zenith might be one level up. 

If you’re serious about airdrop farming with more than one wallet, I suggest taking a look at Zenith and dropping into its Discord, where you will find servers dedicated to various chains like zkSync, Scroll, and Linea. There you will find many farming ideas from fellow degens.

SatoshiAI, does this even need to be explained?

AI is the hottest of sectors and all projects, even vaporware, will pump. There’s currently a project called SatoshiAI, a name that screams “hype”. Not much is known about the product itself, but that’s not necessary in the current market. You can join the early stage by using one of the following links:



That’s it for today!


Head of Research