The market has been painfully slow to the point where crypto Twitter started joking about the space being dead. The NFT activity is at a historic minimum. It’s boring out there.

This kind of thing happens during bear markets. But, unlike the previous ones, we now have on-chain activity. Hence, even though the number and quality of opportunities are reduced, there still are worthwhile activities. Here they are.

G-Shock Comes to the Metaverse

Although the NFT space doesn’t look well, NFTs from famous manufacturers should do well regardless. The latest example is the 911 collection by Porsche, which did multiples at launch despite overwhelming criticism.

CASIO will soon open minting of its G-Shock Creator Pass. It will be a free mint, but you will still need to pay for gas. Given that there are only 15,000 spots available, a gas war is likely.

While considering how much you should spend on gas and whether to do it, I suggest signing up for a CASIO ID profile. Users with a CASIO ID will get access to the early minting stage. The dates and times for minting are available here.

Tipcoin, the Next Shares Gram?

While Shares Gram and Shares didn’t do well in the long run, their initial performance let early buyers pocket substantial profits. Tipcoin might be a similar play.

Before we dive into this one, make sure you understand that farming social platforms might interfere with your airdrop if you farm it. If for some reason you don’t farm drop, I think you should.

The terms of farming Tipcoin are here. In short, you should be active on Twitter and preferably get some engagement. By the way, a community of like-minded people can help you with engagement, and we have just one like this at SIMETRI.

Bridge Pass

Not all new chains get traction, but Zora’s might join the likes of Arbitrum and zkSync because its brand is quite famous in crypto circles. I like Zora and even participated in a hackathon they hosted.

Zora is launching a new chain, which most likely means an airdrop. The first and foremost step in framing a chain’s airdrop is to bridge via an official bridge.

You can do it via minting an NFT. You will then receive some ETH on Zora’s chain. Then, you can collect a LayerZero x Zora NFT on Zora and pay transaction fees with your bridged ETH. That NFT might give you extra points in this potential airdrop.

That’s it for today.