Hello Everyone,

While the market continues to perform a crab walk, the SocialFi narrative has been arguably the only one left standing. DeFi is dead, NFTs are dead, people spend time in friend.tech.

friend.tech is still the alpha play, similar to Unibot. When Unibot launched, many projects tried to either imitate or improve it, ultimately failing to get enough traction to compete. Currently, projects like Tipcoin and post.tech are trying to do the same as friend.tech. post.tech has been gaining traction, and I have some information that should help you capitalize on it.

Should You Join post.tech?

When dealing with SocialFi platforms the first thing to understand is that you will hear about new ones from every corner. The reason: early users will do everything to attract you to their platform so that they can make gains from you, even if it’s indirect gains in the form of an airdrop.

Therefore, the first rule is to ignore the noise. The second is to assess risks before jumping in.

Some Twitter users expressed concerns over the fact that the post.tech team forked another project’s code, slapped a token onto it, and promised an airdrop to attract users. In other words, the team didn’t really build the project, and there’s a risk that they will extract profit in unethical ways because they don’t have anything at stake.

Another risk is that your Twitter handle will be penalized for using post.tech. friend.tech has recently expressed intentions to penalize users for using competing platforms and it worked.

The answer to the main question is “yes, you should join post.tech, but in a smart way.” Considering the risks above, you will need a throwaway Twitter account that you don’t use for farming the friend.tech airdrop, and a very small amount of ETH on Arbitrum.

I also recommend using separate browser profiles to ensure that you don’t accidentally connect your main Twitter account to post.tech. Here’s how to do it in Chrome.

Creating a Twitter account should be easy, so I’m skipping it. Once you connect your account to post.tech, you will need invite codes. Here are some:

  • pt-pnsrimc3sz
  • pt-aag7xswcgr
  • pt-xirbrvahid

If these get used, just search for “post tech codes” in Twitter’s search bar. After you join, you will be prompted to deposit 0.001 ETH (~$1) to your newly generated wallet. Remember about the aforementioned risk that the team has nothing at stake, and don’t deposit more than what’s required.

Head over to this page to learn how the airdrop works. By looking over this page you will immediately understand why you hear about post.tech so much. That’s also good news because you have a chance to get an airdrop by being active and not risking your funds. Plus, you don’t risk your friend.tech airdrop because you’re using a separate account.

Buying and selling shares will boost your airdrop potential significantly. If you’re ready to take this risk, consider buying the team’s account. Such a strategy proved effective for passive airdrop farming on friend.tech.

That’s it for today.