Despite the bear / crab market, many projects are still launching, and old ones are getting revamps. These developments bring opportunities. Let me walk you through them.

SEI Airdrop

SEI is yet another chain with fast and cheap transactions. While the product isn’t particularly exciting, the airdrop is.

The SEI team decided to reward active users of other chains like Ethereum and Osmosis and SEI testnet users. It’s a questionable strategy, but it’s good news if you haven’t spent time grinding on SEI.

First, check your eligibility here. You should be eligible if you actively use Ethereum and / or the Cosmos ecosystem. If your wallet is on the list, here’s what you can do to get the most out of this airdrop:

  1. Buy ATOM or OSMO on a centralized exchange
  2. Send tokens to your Keplr wallet
  3. Bridge from Osmosis to SEI
  4. Bridge from SEI to Osmosis
  5. Withdraw ATOM or OSMO from Kepler to a centralized exchange for swapping back into other assets

If you have significant funds ($10,000+), this strategy should get you 5,000+ SEI (valued at around $1,000 at the current prices). For smaller amounts, the reward will be lower. 

Optimistic BNB Chain

Since spring 2023, when PEPE marched to almost $1.5 billion market cap, ultra-low cap trading has printed millions of dollars for active participants.

A new chain almost instantly attracts some capital and projects that want to capitalize on it. Recently, BNB chain announced its optimistic rollup (simply speaking, new chain), and many rushed to trade there. 

After the initial hype died down, many tokens retraced significantly. Still, once the proper bull market starts, these semi-abandoned plays might shine like everything else did on the original BNB chain during the last bull run.

Look at FOUR, a meme token connected to CZ, CEO of Binance, and BinarySwap, the current central exchange on optimistic BNB.

Bridge here, and add the network here (lower left corner).

Base Airdrop

Remember Arbitrum airdrop? The easiest way to get it was to use the official bridge to move assets to the chain. Everything points to the fact that the recently launched Base chain won’t differ much.

The chain’s official bridge currently has “Mint NFT” buttons next to each deposit transaction. You can make several deposits and mint NFTs. They will give you access to Base airdrop if there is one in the future.

Friend Tech

Long gone are the days when Bitclout accounts sold for thousands of dollars. Still, the idea of social tokens lives on, and another iteration is Friend Tech, a project that focuses on monetizing Twitter accounts through shares.

Registering is free, but the app is currently code gated. Below I’m sharing my codes. You can use them and then use your codes to invite friends and get airdrop points.

  • ft-pl0nprxm
  • ft-wb0caws4
  • ft-m5his03w
  • ft-ud2m2v03
  • ft-bzp6qfsh
  • ft-43m3ju46

That’s it for today.