BTC is still close to its ATH after a substantial retracement and halving is just around the corner. The road to 100k won’t be smooth, but one thing is very clear: the demand for crypto is growing.

Take the example of the latest Aethir sale. It started at around 0.12 ETH and is now over 1 ETH for a project that has months-long lockups. 

Meanwhile, the airdrop farmers club has grown substantially. For instance, Drift, a Solana-based perp DEX, has very high volumes due to its points program. These people are putting their money on the line, and we have more of them by the day.

All I’m saying is that you aren’t late. It might seem that there are no opportunities to get a 4-5 figure drop by joining right now, and for some projects it’s true. However, it’s not the time to give up because many projects won’t prioritize OGs and will give drops to new players.

Staked DYM? Get NIM.

In one of the previous issues of the Alphaverse, I suggested using multiple accounts to stake DYM. If you followed, you are now eligible for NIM. Get it here.

If you didn’t stake DYM, don’t fret. You can still do it; I think more airdrops are coming.

SIMP, the Ethereum Shitcoin Saviour?

You might have heard about the ERC-404 standard and the main token of this meta, PANDORA. The narrative was about having NFTs with liquid companion tokens, which enabled much better liquidity for NFTs. PANDORA and some other tokens of this meta did extremely well price-wise.

PANDORA’s narrative has since cooled off, but a similar meta might be forming. Someone created a new standard, ERC-314. Its main idea is to enable cheap token swaps on Ethereum. 

If you have ever used Uniswap on Ethereum, you understand how frustrating it is. Sometimes it will ask you to pay over $100 for a swap. ERC-314 makes it around $5-10 per swap by tricking Ethereum into thinking you’re doing a simple transfer. 

The idea is very powerful, and it can lead to a renaissance of shitcoin trading on the mother chain. The first project to implement it is Simplify via SIMP token.

The project has recently had some internal issues, but they now seem resolved. I suggest you check it out and make a decision about whether or not to ape into it. The project’s website is quite buggy, so if you want to bypass it, you can simply send ETH to this address 0x111fc50541cf398857DF38fA23D586C18E0f96cE and get tokens back.

Keep in mind that these new standards are experimental. If you want to ape, use a fresh wallet.

Imagine Plus PartyDAO

Zora, a creator-focused project, has its own chain. The chain is quite like a desert, which is fine in the early stages. However, Imagine, a crowdfund powered by partyDAO, attracted my attention mainly because it offers better support and a public offering, unlike others.

The offering is through PartyDAO, another new platform that is much like but for investments. There are rumors that it will eventually have an airdrop.

You can buy access to Imagine’s PartyDAO room and a portion of its tokens for 0.01 ETH. The offering is on the Zora chain, so you will have to move some ETH there. I suggest using Orbiter, a cross-chain decentralized exchange.

Karak Plus Hyperlane

Karak is yet another modular chain. It’s a new meta and has strong backers, including Coinbase. 

The platform for gaining Karak points is password-gated. Here are some referral codes. If you plan to use several accounts, use one of the provided codes, and then the codes will be generated for you.

  1. JeW0v
  2. Q1lb1
  3. LVGgp
  4. ChtAz
  5. DQrO7

Referrals aren’t the main part of point farming. Similar to Blast and Mode you will have to bridge some assets to Karak. You can either bridge from Ethereum now or wait a little bit and bridge TIA via Hyperlane, another project that will likely have an airdrop.


That’s it for today!


Head of Research