Despite the development of the cryptocurrency space in the last few years, transferring between blockchains remains a headache. Blockchain bridges get hacked more often than any other protocols. Nevertheless, with massive value locked on separated chains, the need for a reliable interoperable solution is acute. 

The project I am going to discuss today, ZetaChain, aims to offer a more secure interoperability solution, and you have a chance to gain a free airdrop from it. ZetaChain is a Layer 1 blockchain protocol that aims to offer cross-blockchain transfers without wrapping the tokens or the need to add liquidity.

The protocol will have a native token, ZETA, which will act as the intermediary token for transfers between blockchains. Plus, it will be used for staking rewards and protocol governance.

The investors and team of ZetaChain include ex-Coinbase and ex-Binance executives. Although it doesn’t make the product hack-proof, it at list instills hope about the team’s attention to security. 

On August 24, 2022, the team launched its testnet and is facilitating swaps between testnet versions of Ethereum, BNB chain, Polygon, and Klaytn. Currently, you can earn Zeta points for interacting with the protocol and contributing to it.

While the team hasn’t announced any relationship between Zeta points and the future ZETA token, there’s a strong likelihood that such a relationship exists. More Zeta points should mean a larger allocation of ZETA airdrops.

How to earn Zeta points? 

The supply of the testnet points is unlimited and over 11 million points have already been claimed, suggesting that the competition is tough. If you follow a few simple steps daily, you can get ahead in ranking. In two days of performing swaps, my rank went from over 100,000 to under 40,000.

First, add the Ethereum Goerli testnet network to your MetaMask wallet. Go to the Goerli testnet page on Chainlist, connect your wallet, click on ‘Add-To-Metamask’ button. The process is automatic.

Then, to go to the Zetachain website, first you’ll need to connect your Twitter profile to the website. Your Twitter account must be at least a month old for eligibility. The process to link your Twitter will appear right after you register. Also, if you use an invite link, you’ll get 5,000 Zeta points, so ask for links to your friends, ZetaChain community members.

Next, request some testnet tokens from the faucet. Remember that Zeta points and testnet tokens are different things. You can claim tokens from the faucet every 24 hours. Ethereum Goerli, BNB testnet tokens, or native tokens of supported testnets will also work on the testnet app.

If the faucet on Zetchain’s website is unsuccessful, you can create an Account on Alchemy and request some Ethereum Goerli testnet tokens here.

Sending invitations to new testnet users will earn you more points. Go to the Leaderboard section of Zetachain’s website to check your Zeta points, rank, and copy your invitation link. At the bottom of the page you’ll find the option to ‘Invite to earn more ZETA points.’



You can earn 1,000 Zeta points every day for performing swaps



Reporting a bug in the testnet feedback channel. After going through their Discord, it seems like airdrop hunters like us have crowded this channel. Thus, make sure you have a meaningful bug to report to get a chance of a payout.


Other teams like LayerZero Labs and Celestia are also working towards smooth and secure interoperability solutions but remain underdeveloped. If ZetaChain delivers on its plans with cross-chain interaction between various ecosystems, such as EVM chains, Cosmos, and Bitcoin, it has a solid chance of gaining adoption and liquidity. Now, you have a risk-free way to gain exposure.

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