I have one word for you: Web+. You’re not a Canto degen if you haven’t heard of it. We’re going to fix this and enjoy Cantofornication together.

Source: Twitter.

Entering The State

Visit Chainlist and add Canto to your MetaMask. 

Then, visit Synapse to bridge some stablecoins to Canto. The bridge will cost you about 3-4%, which is hefty. There’s a slightly cheaper option, but it’s also slower and more complicated. Consider this as a fast lane fee.

The bridge will give you 1 CANTO to swap your stables for the native asset on Slingshot. Use the selector above the swap window to choose Canto.

You will get NOTE stablecoin from Synapse along with 1 CANTO. Swap NOTE to CANTO. Source: Slingshot.

The Jazz Venue

Now that you are a Canto tourist, it’s time to visit the network’s main attraction: the NFT marketplace with Jazz vibes. Turn your speakers on.

The marketplace is straightforward. Use the search bar to find collections, buy and sell. Click on your wallet address to see your possessions.

Buy Something

Canto is gaining steam, so many projects will start hunting for your attention. Let me clarify what the current blue chips are:

If you can afford any of them, don’t look at anything else, these are your best bets. If not, here’s what you can do.


Unfortunately, the opportunities to get very easy free plays on Canto are most likely gone for good. Users are coming en masse.

Canto turned from a desert to a city in a snap. Source: Hex.

However, it doesn’t mean that all opportunities are gone. It means you will have to spend some time pulling projects with potential and low prices (or free) from the swamp of mediocrity.

Twitter, as always, is your main tool. Use the “#cantonft” tag in your search bar to see what’s available. Ideally, you want to see something that hasn’t been issued on Ethereum before. No Punks, Apes, or anything like that. It’s lame.

Consider following Canto News. It’s not an alpha account, but it tries to avoid covering garbage.

Check Discord servers. If they’ve been created just recently, that’s not good. This is where you look for a “vibe”, a coherent conversation that has been flowing for some time. If you find yourself lost in a sea of “wen launch” and “gm”, you have to seriously think about size and price.

Anything with more than 3,000 items is likely not worth it. Paying over 50 CANTO is only okay in exceptional cases. Generally, prices should vary around 5-10 CANTO.

Anything free is a no-brainer. Mint now, think later. Mint more than one if you can.

That’s it for today. See you in Cantofornia.