LSDfi With Mori

When the altcoin season swings in full force, LSDfi will become the new DeFi. And we all know what happened to the OG DeFi tokens in 2020.

LSDfi is an umbrella term for all projects that use or are related to staked assets, most notably with staked ether. Mori is a stablecoin protocol that works like Maker DAO or Abracadabra: you put in some staked ETH and can mint a stablecoin against it. 

To get a feeling of how well an LSDfi protocol can perform, look at Lybra.

Source: CoinGecko.

You can now try Mori on testnet. Since the project hinted at an airdrop, you might get free access to one of the hottest types of assets within crypto.

The network is Goerli. If you don’t have Goerli ETH, get it here. Then, visit this website and mint some ETHS and ETHC with it. 

Get a Tabi Chest

Whether or not we need another NFT marketplace is debatable. If Binance gets behind one, however, it’s worth watching and interacting with.

The marketplace I’m referring to is called Tabi. Among its investors are heavyweights like Binance Labs and Animoca Brands. So far, the team has raised $11 million.

On the project’s website, you will find three quests. The first and the third ones are easy: connect your wallet and socials and claim free NFTs. You will still need some BNB on Binance Smart Chain, but you can easily get them on any centralized exchange. Transactions will cost you under $1. Then, go to Galxe and get OAT tokens there.

You can try competing in the second quest to get more NFTs if you have a vast network of friends. 

Omni Testnet

Similarly to NFT marketplaces, I’m not sure we need another blockchain, but I follow when one gets backing from heavyweights like Pantera and Two Sigma.

Omni is a blockchain focused on connecting Layer-2 scaling solutions. It’s another hot topic that will likely become one of the top narratives in the upcoming bull run. For the same reason, Celestia, another similar blockchain, has significant attention from VCs and the community.

You can interact with Omni now by joining the project’s dedicated Discord channel and trying out a farming app. Here’s a comprehensive instruction from the team with links.

Make sure to occasionally drop in the linked Discord channel every once in a while. The project has just started, and more tasks will be added. 

That’s it for today.