Congratulations to those who acted on the previous issue of the Alphaverse! The OXBT mint was easy to enter and produced 5,000 tokens (current value ~$270, all-time-high value ~$1,000). The entry fee was around $13.

If you haven’t acted on this idea, don’t fret. Just keep acting on others, and rewards will eventually come your way. Speaking of ideas, here are the ones for this time.

Linea’s 2,500 Points

You might remember Linea from one of the previous Alphaverse issues. It’s an Ethereum scaling solution like Arbitrum created by the OG Ethereum supporter ConsenSys.

ConsenSys is very experienced and influential in Ethereum, so if Linea has a token, the token will make headlines, and the price will likely go through the roof. Hence, participating in Linea activities is attractive.

This time you can claim an “anti-bot” token representing 2,500 points by proving you’re a human here. Keep in mind that you need to satisfy only one requirement out of three, so choose the most straightforward option (I suggest going with the “Gitcoin passport score”).

If you haven’t acted on the previous Alphaverse’s Linea tip, go here and mint yourself a Linea NFT.

Parallax, the LSD Play

If you haven’t heard about LSDs, you must be living under a rock. A quick recap: LSD means “liquid staking derivatives,” which in plain English means tokens that give you yield, and you can move around or spend simultaneously. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s the current popular narrative.

Narratives drive prices, which is why it’s potentially beneficial to try getting early access to LSD-focused projects. One such is Parallax.

Join Parallax Discord, then fill out the form to apply to the project’s testnet. Wait a couple of days, and your wallet should become eligible for using Parallax. Now it’s time to start doing quests here.

Recursive Bitcoin NFTs

You don’t need to know what recursive inscriptions are to try and profit from them. However, if you’re curious, the one-line summary is: it’s an extension of Bitcoin NFTs that enables developers to put vast amounts of data onto the Bitcoin network.

Recursive inscriptions are getting hyped, and getting yourself one for a couple of bucks might be a good investment. Here’s what to do:

  1. Go here and generate a robot by choosing its body, legs, and head.
  2. Click “Generate Recursive Inscription HTML” and copy the text in the box.
  3. Open a notepad on your computer, paste the copied text, and save the file as “forge.html.”
  4. If you don’t have a Unisat wallet, install it here. Top it up with some BTC.
  5. Connect your wallet on this page, drop the forge.html file into the drag-and-drop window, and click “Submit & Pay Invoice.”

That’s it for today.