We have seen a great deal of volatility in the crypto markets in recent weeks. The overall crypto market capitalization has dropped dramatically over the last 30 days from $234B to $174B. The price of one Bitcoin has similarly fallen from $8,550 to $6,600.

While we are expecting more volatility over the next few weeks as we move into the holiday season and the new year, we remain very bullish about the Bitcoin halving event in May and see it as a positive catalyst for the entire crypto market as a whole.

With this outlook in mind we have been thinking through how we can give our members even more actionable insights to capitalize on the short-term volatility of the market.

Over the past few months, we have received a tremendous amount of insightful feedback from SIMETRI members. What you like, what you don’t like, and how we can make SIMETRI more valuable to you.

And one of our biggest takeaways from your feedback is how valuable the Daily BTC Commentary has been to everyone. As such, we have decided to take this one step further and up the ante for ourselves.

We are upgrading our Daily BTC Commentary to Pro BTC Trader.
Pro BTC Trader will have all the same features of BTC Daily Commentary: chart analysis, fundamental market developments, sentiment analysis, and trends forecast. However, with Pro BTC Trader we will go a few steps further.

Pro BTC Trader will provide you with:

  • Regular trade recommendations that will enable you to profit from short-term Bitcoin price movements.
  • Clear trade execution details on entry price, stop loss, and price targets for order execution.
  • Clear short selling instructions to help you profit from potential downward price movements in Bitcoin.
  • Short-sell recommendations that will also provide specific entry points, stop loss, and targets.

Please note: Short selling is an extremely risky trading strategy and should not be used by beginners or the novice trader. But for those who can afford to take the risk we will provide you with the signals and tools to do so.

We do not recommend this strategy unless you know your way around an exchange and can afford to take on the loss. You should never invest/trade what you cannot afford to lose.

We hope this upgrade from Daily BTC Commentary to Pro BTC Trader will bring even more value to your SIMETRI membership and make you a more profitable crypto investor.

You will begin receiving daily email alerts for Pro BTC Trader five days a week starting tomorrow morning at the same time, 9am EST.

Please let us know what you think and give us your feedback so we can continue to bring more value to your membership.