Earlier this week, the crypto markets took a pause from its current run with most coins in the red. Bitcoin dropped 4.4% while gold was down 5.2%, its biggest drop 1-day drop in 7 years. This all came on the news that US bond yields are rising.

When was the last time gold moved more violently than crypto on ANY news. Is this the beginnings of a flippening? Are investors starting to flock to Bitcoin as a safe haven instead of the almighty gold? Do Bitcoin holders have stronger hands and higher conviction than gold holders?

I don’t know and I’m not ready to make that call yet, but this was a pretty cool datapoint to observe. The Fed continues to buy up credit bonds directly, stock ETFs, and anything else they can get their hands on. What happens when the music stops?

And now a quick update on SIMETRI’s Performance (as of August 12th, 2020). 

Pick of the Month reports (July 9th, 2019 to August 12th, 2020) – Pick of the Month candidates are coins with strong fundamentals but also have potential catalysts in the near term. (Medium-term Holds)

Pick of the Month ROI Bitcoin Altcoins Market
July 9, 2019 $12,573 $124.3B
June 24, 2020 251.4% $9,298 (-26%) $94.2B (-24%)
August 12, 2020 751% (+199%) $11,663 (+25%) $144.2B (+53%)

Here are the results of our 14 Pick of the Month reports…

Project Date Published Start Price ($) End Price ($) ROI (%)
Theta (THETA) 7/9/19 0.12 0.376 213
Harmony (ONE) 8/13/19 0.012 0.011 -1.17
RSK (RIF) 9/10/19 0.14 0.096 -31.6
THORChain (RUNE) 10/8/19 0.012 0.778 6399
Klaytn (KLAY) 11/12/19 0.157 0.497 216
Tellor (TRB) 12/10/19 4.9 29.7 506
Kava (KAVA) 1/14/20 1.03 4.37 324
Huobi Token (HT) 2/11/20 4.62 4.55 -1.52
Ren (REN) 3/10/20 0.071 0.281 294
Band Protocol (BAND) 4/14/20 0.564 13.5 2299
Proton (XPR) 5/1/20 0.02 0.017 -16.5
Kyber (KNC) 6/9/20 0.874 1.7 94.5
UNLOCK (???) 7/14/20 185
UNLOCK (???) 8/11/20 34.9
  • Out of our 14 Pick of the Month reports we had 10 winning picks, 2 losing picks, and 2 break even, for a total ROI of 751%.
  • During the same period, Bitcoin lost 7.2%, and the overall Altcoins Market only gained 16%. We beat Bitcoin by 758.2% and the overall Altcoins Market by 735%
  • We now have another home run (Band Protocol – 23X) in addition to our previous champion (THORChain – 61X). Band Protocol was just listed on Coinbase, this was huge for SIMETRI members.
  • We now have another base hit (100%-200% gains) for a total of 4 base hits.
  • We now have two new doubles (300%-600% gains) on our roster (Kava and Tellor).
  • Our biggest loser is still RIF (-31%).
  • More on our investment strategy on how to use our Pick of the Month reports.
Full Digital Asset Reports (July 9th to August 12th) – Full Digital Asset reports are reports on coins with strong long term fundamentals and we believe have the highest likelihood of surviving. (Long-term holds)
Full Digital Asset Reports Bitcoin Altcoins Market
ROI (B- or higher) Bitcoin $12,573 $124.3B
July 9, 2020 $9,298 $94.2B
June 24, 2020 83.4% -26% -24%
  • During the period from July 9th, 2020 to August 12th, 2020, we issued 41 reports with a grade of B- or higher (long-term investable)
  • We have booked an overall gain of 249% while Bitcoin lost 7.2%, and the overall Altcoins Market only gained 16%.
  • We beat Bitcoin by 256% and the overall Altcoins Market by 233%
  • Of the 41 reports with a grade of B- or higher, 25 were winning trades, 12 are currently trading at a loss, and 4 are break even trades.
Coins on the Move
  • From Oct 3rd, 2019 (when we launched Coins on the Move) until today, we issued a total of 43 trade recommendations with 24 winning trades, 16 losing trades, and 3 trades closed with no gain or loss.
  • Coins on the Move currently has a cumulative ROI of +274%.
Pro BTC Trader
  • From Dec. 18th 2019 (when we launched Pro BTC Trader) until today, we issued a total of 15 trade recommendations with 5 winning trades, 4 losing trades, and 6 trades closed with no gain or loss.
  • Pro BTC Trader currently has a cumulative ROI of +51.0%.

Overall, our aggregate Pick of the Month performance tripled to 751%. Average ROI based on full digital asset reports have continued to climb to 249%. Find me a fund that has performed better than 751% over the past 13 months and I’ll be happy to invest.That’s all for this month’s report and congratulations to SIMETRI members who had the faith to join early and armed themselves with the tools to make smart crypto investments.

Till next time, own your money, be your own bank, and invest safely.