While the crypto industry struggles to survive the ongoing bear market, it’s worth taking your eyes off the charts for a moment and start playing an actual survival game that can make you some money.


Undead Blocks is a first-person zombie shooter survival game you can play to earn crypto. Its NFTs are launching soon on the GameStop NFT marketplace.

The game has two reward tokens: standard ZBUX and Gold ZBUX. While the former is solely an in-game currency you can spend to become more powerful inside the game, the latter is an ERC-20 token.

Becoming better at the game can increase your earning potential. You can increase your chances of ranking higher on the leaderboards by buying stronger weapons with the in-game ZBUX you earned (Source: Undead Blocks).

Gold ZBUX is a stablecoin valued at $0.10 that you can earn by opening loot boxes inside the game, completing different achievements, and ranking on the leaderboards. Unlike standard ZBUX, you can swap this token for other cryptocurrencies like ETH or USDC on the Wagyu Games website.

To start earning, simply create your account here, download the game, install it, and start playing. It’s better than watching the charts. Plus, it can potentially earn you some extra cash.

Treasure Hunting on Sui

Sui is a new Move-based blockchain that recently launched its testnet. Like Aptos, there’s a chance that Sui will distribute an airdrop to its earliest users when it launches its mainnet.

Today I have several projects for you to play with to increase your chances of getting a potential airdrop.

First, download and install the official Sui browser extension wallet here. Next, create your wallet by setting your wallet password and saving the 12-word mnemonic phrase that serves as a backup.

To transact on the Sui testnet, you’ll need to acquire some test SUI tokens on the testnet and devnet. Click on the three parallel lines in the top right corner of the wallet, select the “Network” option, and switch the default network to “Sui Testnet.” After that, hit the blue “Request Sui Testnet SUI tokens” button, and you should receive enough SUI to pay for a few hundred transactions. Switch to the devnet and repeat this process.

Now, select “Apps” inside the wallet and click “Sui NFT Mint.” This will take you to a website allowing you to create your own NFT on the testnet. Once there, choose the name and description, and include the URL link for the image you want to mint as an NFT.

To do this, go to Google images, type something in the search bar, choose an image you like, rick-click it, and choose “Copy image address.” Then, go back to your Sui wallet, paste the address in the “Image url” section, and click “Create.” Approve the action from inside the wallet, and then follow the steps to transfer the NFT to your wallet address.

To check if you’ve done everything correctly, click on the “NFTs” tab in the bottom corner of your wallet, and you should be able to see the NFT you just minted. I would also suggest repeating the same process on devnet to increase your chances of an airdrop. 

Next, try to get Ethos Wallet’s 2048 NFT by playing the game on their website. The goal is to add tiles together until you produce a tile with the number 2048. Acquiring this NFT on testnet could net you an Ethos airdrop down the line. 

Next up, you’ll want to acquire a “.sui” domain on the devnet. Go to the Sui Name Service website, type your desired domain name in the search bar, select one of the proposed options, and click “Register Name.”

Another thing you can try is minting a Wizard NFT on both devnet and testnet here (mint on one network, then switch to the other and mint again). This is a promising NFT project on Sui that may reward early users when it launches on the mainnet.

Beyond Wizard Land, you can also mint a Baby Apes Society NFT on testnet by following the instructions here. Skull Sui is another early NFT project you can mint here. Make sure to mint all three Skull Sui NFTs on both testnet and devnet to cover all bases.

And with that, you’re all done. The above should help qualify you for several potential Sui Network airdrops.

Good luck and stay optimistic.