I vividly remember the day I read Yearn’s whitepaper. I couldn’t sleep the following night. FOMO was tearing me apart. YFI was at $10,000, and DeFi summer was just starting.


I woke up to see YFI go to $15,000. Then to $20,000. Then $40,000. I could have bought it. I knew it was good. But I didn’t. That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, though.

The chart shows that if I had stayed bullish on YFI on a multi-month timeframe, I would have round-tripped most of my gains. I might have chickened out because of that, and exited before the token ever went to conquer $80,000.

It’s another reminder for all of us (myself included) that it’s important to understand your emotional profile. 

If you know you can’t stomach volatility, DCA is a good approach for long-term holdings. Otherwise, if you can sustain being underwater for weeks on end, maybe buying what you like in a lump sum just at the beginning of what seems to be a mid-to-long-term pump is what you need.

I hope the above will help you to make the right decision and not fumble the bag before the bull kicks in full force, which might happen after a few volatility-packed months.

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