NFTs are flexible instruments that serve a variety of purposes besides storing art. 

They can take the form of lifetime access passes for your favorite celebrity concerts, or brand memberships, or proof-of-attendance badges, or gaming assets, or tickets for future airdrops. 

Let me show you a couple of non-art NFT use cases that can also bring you some profits.

Airdrop Tickets

The Aptos ecosystem is still nascent, and plenty of projects still don’t have tokens yet—including leading protocols like Pontem Network, Tortuga Finance, Argo, and Enchanter Finance. However, some of these already have NFTs.

For instance, Potem Network and Enchanter Finance both have NFT collections with 28 APT (~$135) and 1.5 APT (~$7) floors, respectively. Holders of these NFTs will likely get airdrop allocations whenever these protocols launch their tokens.

Outside Aptos, you have projects like Sei, which conducted two testnet NFT minting programs. To become eligible for the NFT, you need to have at least 30 transactions on the Sei testnet. You can learn how to interact with the network here.

FreeNFT: A Launchpad for Free Mints

FreeNFT is a launchpad for free NFTs minting projects. Some free mints like DigiDaigaku and Goblin Town resulted in significant profits for minters. Igor Lenterman, FreeNFT’s founder, created an easy-to-use one-stop shop for anyone to stumble across a hidden gem.

The project currently has three types of NFTs: OG Ticket, Collectible Launch Ticket, and Daily Cargo. The first two collections are more valuable. 

You can participate in Daily Quests by minting Daily Cargo. Head to the FreeNFT website in order to mint. Keep upgrading it daily by visiting the website and clicking “Upgrade.” Keeping your streak intact will make you eligible for rewards

Mint Your NFT on Manifold is a tool that enables the creation of NFT collections on Ethereum. The platform gives the artist complete control of the smart contract and charges zero fees for facilitating the launch process. It also enables community-building features such as token and NFT airdrops. 

The project’s team raised $7.91 million seed funding from leading venture capitalists including Andreessen Horowitz. Celebrities such as Jay-Z and Steve Aoki and digital art pioneers Fewocious and pplpleasr have used Manifold to sell their creations.

Based on the project’s development so far, it’s likely that the team will create a native token to decentralize the project’s ownership. Early users of the platform should get an allocation.

Make your Manifold ID here and create your collection by clicking on the ‘New Contract’ button. Feel free to choose any art you want. Creation isn’t costly in itself.

Alternatively, buy an NFT from the Gallery. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, look for free items so that you only have to spend gas fees.

That’s it from the Alphaverse today. Remember that NFTs have boundless utilities, and earning them can bring substantial rewards. 

Stay safe!