If you’ve been following my Edge emails, you’ll remember I advised readers to try out the zkSync 2.0 testnet. But you may not be aware that the project also launched a restricted mainnet last week. Although regular users can’t do anything on it, it’s an important milestone that brings us closer to the potential zkSync airdrop. I will keep an eye out for further announcements and keep you updated.

In the meantime, I suggest you continue using testnet projects and participate in zkSync’s community program on Crew3.

Fortunately, zkSync 2.0 isn’t the only up-and-coming network that could earn you freebies.

Sei Network

Sei Network is a DeFi-focused, Cosmos-based, Layer 1 blockchain. It will comprise basic primitives such as an order-matching engine and a unified liquidity model, enabling faster and easier application development than on general-purpose blockchains like Solana.

The team aspires to develop Sei Network into a “decentralized Nasdaq.” The project is backed by industry heavyweights like Multicoin Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Delphi Digital, and GSR Ventures.

You can already try out the network and potentially get in on an airdrop by trading on the derivatives platform Vortex Protocol.

Steps to interact with Testnet

First, set up a Cosmos Wallet (we like Keplr). The process is similar to setting up any other browser-based wallet like MetaMask.

Then, go to Vortex Protocol’s trading page and connect your wallet. The website will automatically prompt you to add Sei Network. Make sure you’re on the Sei Testnet and copy your Sei wallet address.

You will need test-SEI and UST2 tokens to trade. Request these tokens in the “#atlantic-1-faucet” channel on the project’s Discord server.

Type the following commands:

  • !faucet <your SEI address>
  • !faucet ust2 <your SEI address>


Then, deposit the UST2 tokens on Vortex Protocol and place orders. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes at this stage.



After completing a task such as placing an order, or getting liquidated, fill out this Google form to record your activity. As mentioned previously, you can make multiple submissions per day. The more you do, the better.


Building an On-chain Ethereum Profile

DeBank is a DeFi portfolio tracking app that raised $25 million from leading crypto venture firms like Circle, Coinbase Ventures, and Youbi Capital in December 2021.

Although DeBank hasn’t yet announced a token, the team has hinted that it’s considering an airdrop. 

DeBank launched the beta version of Hi, a messaging protocol where users can pay other users for the privilege of sending them messages. In return, a sender receives an NFT acknowledging the receiver’s attention. The price of a user’s attention adjusts automatically based on the demand for their attention.

DeBank also keeps track of Web3 Social Rankings, which evaluate ETH addresses based on their on-chain activity. Each address has a score that depends on its balances and transactions. The top-ranked users get special perks on the platform.

You can maximize your chances of getting an airdrop from DeBank by using its Hi messenger and improving your Web3 Social Ranking.

Go to DeBank and connect your MetaMask wallet. Verify your address by clicking on the verification option at the top right corner of your screen. 


Now, create a DeBank profile by hovering over the profile picture and adding an NFT or other image file to it. If your Web3 ranking is below 10,000, you can mint a Web3 ID.



After setting up a profile, register for the DeBank Hi beta by clicking on the respective option in the navigation bar. You’ll need some ETH in your MetaMask wallet to pay for gas fees in this step.


After you’ve created your DeBank Hi account, you’ll get a $1 USDC airdrop in your inbox, which you can use to send a message. Don’t try sending messages to popular accounts, as they will likely have high prices for their attention. You can go as far as setting up two accounts and sending a couple of messages back and forth.

Furthermore, I suggest downloading Rabby Wallet, another product built by the team behind DeBank. Use the “Gas Top Up” option for converting ETH and WETH on Ethereum mainnet, or BNB from BNB Chain to a gas paying token of another EVM-compatible chain like Polygon or Avalanche to increase your transaction footprint.

That’s it for today. The opportunities mentioned above require repeated actions to improve your score against other airdrop hopefuls. Project teams are constantly improving their methods to exclude Sybil farmers. That means you need to put in more work to get the freebies. 

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