Today I have an NFT credit card early access and a couple of forms. Let’s roll.

Your Credit Card Will Soon Become an NFT

Immersve is on an ambitious quest to unify crypto and fiat payments under one umbrella and packaging them in the familiar NFT product.

The company is Mastercard’s partner, which enables it to handle payments outside crypto. The team’s vision is to make credit cards part of Web3 wallets. It’s a promising concept that should become popular if regulators allow it.

You can apply for early access to the platform here by leaving your email and Ethereum address.

The Helmets of Braavos: Airdrop Proxy?

The ZK narrative is intensifying, but it still has much potential. Therefore, anything free now may become valuable in the coming months.

You might remember that Braavos, one of StarkNet’s most popular wallets, recently raised $10 million. On February 14, the team announced it would raffle off 100 NFTs. Most likely, these will give owners airdrop rights.

100 NFTs doesn’t sound like much, and it isn’t. You can register multiple wallets to increase your chances, but make sure you follow the requirements outlined in the application form.

Element DAO NFTs: Utility and PFPs

With the advent of Blur, the NFT space is quickly transitioning to a new, more efficient form. Art loses its appeal while the importance of aggregated liquidity and data increases. In short, NFTs continue to turn into fancy altcoins, and Element aims to join the hype train.

Currently, the platform has an application form open for its NFT collection. Some utility is promised, and given that Sequoia and Dragonfly are on the investor list, there’s a significant chance that an airdrop will happen and NFT holders will benefit from it.

Free Soulbound NFTs From Backed

Backed is an NFT lending platform similar to JPEG’d. We love JPEG’d, so Backed looks interesting, given it primarily targets Optimism.

You can mint a soulbound (non-transferable) NFT reflecting your activity on Optimism and the platform. If the team decides to decentralize ownership, owners of NFTs with the most features will receive some tokens.

That’s it for today.