I hope you got something from Blur. If not, don’t worry. That wasn’t the last opportunity to earn in crypto. Here’s what I managed to find.

Is LENS the Next ENS?

Lens will be big. Not because it’s exceptional but because it’s being curated by one of the most prolific people in the space: Stani from Aave.

You might be old enough to remember the ENS airdrop, one of the largest out there. It wasn’t “free.” You still had to register for an ENS domain, which due to high gas costs, was about $100, but the airdrop more than compensated for it. 

Recently Lens leaked its intent to conduct an airdrop. Since registering Lens handles is limited and Stani is famous, the airdrop should be sizable. 

You can still buy a handle to secure a potential airdrop seat. However, remember that Stani tweeted an Ethereum block number, which might mean the holders’ snapshot has already been taken.

The risk is worth the potential reward if $150 isn’t too much for you.

Dimensionals, the Next Digis

Whether or not Lens becomes the next ENS, Dimensionals are indeed turning into the next Digidaigaku. To remind you, Digidaigaku is a collection that went from a free mint to about 15 ETH floor in just a few weeks. Recently, its commercial was aired during the Super Bowl.

You can now register for the Dimensionals allowlist here.

BAYC Artist’s Sandwiches

The NFT industry is most dependent on connections. Any mediocre project’s floor will shoot once several high-level influencers tweet about it. 

Wen Sandwich is made by one of the Bored Ape Yacht Club artists. Thus, it’s no surprise that it’s being shilled by some of the most famous personalities in the NFT space, including this person.

The mint will close today, and you can grab a sandwich for 0.05 ETH. That’s hefty, so it’s not worth it if you have a limited budget. However, given the author’s connections and the collection’s small size, it might turn out to be a pleasant surprise. 

That’s it for today.