While BTC is in the range, it’s time to get your hands on some interesting projects — Let’s roll.

Sparta DEX Airdrop

Now, this airdrop isn’t free. Technically, it’s not even an airdrop, albeit if you decide to participate, you will get tokens per each NFT you own.

Sparta DEX is an Arbitrum-based project that focuses on trading gamification. I don’t find the concept particularly exciting, but the exchange has a lot of eyes on it, so the token will likely have a strong initial performance. It looks like the early days of Camelot DEX.

The simplest way to get access to the upcoming SPARTA tokens is by buying Spartans NFTs. Each will get you 600 SPARTA. The project is valued at around $40 million fully diluted, three times lower than Camelot. 

Besides the most straightforward risk of SPARTA’s price going south, there’s a risk of not getting an airdrop despite buying a Spartan NFT. The team will make a snapshot somewhere in July of those with NFTs that aren’t listed on OpenSea. So, if you’re interested in getting into Sparta DEX before the general public, your best bet is to act fast. Here are more details.

HMX, the New GMX?

HMX is a perpetual trading venue built atop GMX, the top-tier perp DEX on Arbitrum. The exchange is in its early stages, so you can get an airdrop of escrowed (vested) HMX.

First, do as many Zealy quests as you can. The list will most likely be updated, so drop in after you do everything and check whether you can get some low-hanging fruits.

Second, you can make some trades on HMX. Remember that leveraged trading is extremely risky. Fortunately, only volume will be counted, so you can make very short-term trades to minimize risks.

Finally, you can provide liquidity by buying HLP (liquidity provision token). By doing so, you bet against traders, and the good news is that traders mostly lose. It’s a low-risk way to farm the airdrop.

Visit Polygon zkEVM

Zero-knowledge-based networks will become a strong narrative of the next bull run. We’ve already covered zkSync, StarkNet and Scroll, so it’s time to visit Polygon zkEVM, especially given that the project’s co-founder hinted at an airdrop.

There aren’t many apps that may airdrop you something on Polygon zkEVM, so you can move some money to the chain and withdraw it back after a while. People who did this on Arbitrum met the minimum requirements for the airdrop and pocketed a couple thousands of dollars. 

Use the official bridge to get noticed by the Polygon team. If you want to generate some activity, I suggest using Quickswap for making trades. The switch to Polygon zkEVM is in the top-right of the exchange’s interface.

That’s it for today.