It’s the end of the month, time for another round of interesting opportunities.

OXBT Mint (Bitcoin BRC20)

OXBT is a free BRC20 (Bitcoin fungible tokens) mint that RedactedBTCNFT is launching. It excited me: unlike many BRC20s, this one plans to offer something more than another meme token.

The public stage of the mint starts today at 9:30 PM EST. To participate, you will need to head to the official link, which will be dropped on the project’s page ~15 minutes in advance. You will then need to enter your taproot ordinals address, and the amount to mint will auto-populate. 

Finally, you will be asked to send BTC to the deposit address on the page’s bottom. This is the part where the gas war will happen. Don’t use the Xverse wallet because it will automatically create a transaction. Send it manually with custom gas. Once the BTC is sent and confirmed, you can complete the mint by clicking the mint button again. 

If you scroll down this page, it will show you an approximation of how much a Bitcoin transaction costs. However, don’t rely on it entirely and assume that a spike in demand will make this number higher fast.


Remember, you will lose money in the gas war if your transaction isn’t fast enough. Also, there’s no point in hurrying during transaction creation because Bitcoin only has 18 transactions per second, and blocks are mined only every few minutes. Double-check all the details before clicking “send.”

Telegram Trading Bots

Before we dive into this: Bots are merely automation tools. Think of them as automatic vs. manual vehicle transmissions, they make your life easier, but at the end of the day, you are still at the wheel. Bots won’t make you rich but they can make your on-chain life easier.

Maestro Bot has been on the rise lately. It’s a Telegram sniper bot that allows you to easily buy and sell tokens on Ethereum, BNB network and Arbitrum, check if you are in profit or loss, get into projects faster than 70% of other traders, easily detect rugs, and much more… for free!

Maestro only takes fees from profitable trades, and its fees have been surging. Source: DeFi Llama team on Twitter.


Setting up Maestro is easy. Follow this link, type ‘/start,’ then follow simple instructions. Don’t rush to gamble serious money with it, though. As I stated at the beginning, bots don’t know anything about the market, so telling it what to buy and sell is your responsibility. Plus, getting to know how it works can give you an edge over other users.

Maestro isn’t the only bot like this out there. Other teams like Unibot are trying to get the crown from it, and competition among service providers is always to the consumers’ advantage. You can try Unibot, but remember that it’s token-gated. It may not be the best bet immediately, but if you eventually decide to buy Maestro premium, Unibot may become a valid alternative.

Finally, the next logical step after getting yourself a trading bot is familiarizing yourself with DexTools and its live listings explorer. Good luck with sniping!

That’s it for today.