BTC is still holding the 200-week moving average, which is bullish if you ask me. If the new cycle is upon us, there will be many low-hanging fruits in regard to making money. Here are some of the potential leads.

Swell — The New Guy on the LSD Block

The liquid staking derivatives (LSD) narrative is still in its infancy and will likely remain in this state until the full-scale bull run. The reason: many startups will try to profit from ETH staking by offering stakers new yield extraction ideas.

One such project is Swell, backed by a heavyweight VC Framework among others. You don’t have to overthink this one: the project is a part of the popular narrative and is well-backed, so the token is imminent. Moreover, the team vaguely hinted at it.

Early depositors should get an airdrop or a seat in the public sale. Deposits are on the Ethereum mainnet, so keep your eyes on the gas fees. The app has a simple interface to stake ETH, the amount depends on your circumstances. 

Important: since the product is in the early stage, withdrawals aren’t available yet.

Spiral DAO Airdrop

If you actively used Curve, Balancer, Frax, or DeFi in general, $250 or more can be waiting for you tomorrow at 3 PM UTC. The allocation is as follows.

Check your eligibility here. If you’re eligible, make sure you are there at the airdrop time because the spots are limited. Also, keep in mind that fees might jump during the claim time.

Venom Testnet

Venom is “yet another” chain. As much as we don’t really need more blockchains, they offer the largest airdrops, even if the number of farmers is high.

Currently, the chain is in the testing phase. You can get some testnet tokens and use applications here. If you can’t claim tokens, try again at a later time.

zkLaunch and zkPunks

CryptoPunks derivatives on Ethereum clones usually don’t do well, but on zkSync is a different story. The reason: zkSync’s Punks were rebranded into a launchpad.

zkSync will most likely be the next most farmed project now that ARB is out. Thus, projects that launch on it will receive substantial interest from the market’s participants. In other words, it will be a great network for a launchpad.

The team recently mentioned ZKL token private sale. Demand will likely outpace the supply of tokens by a large margin. However, there might be a way to get a guaranteed spot by buying a zkPunk.

The project’s team earlier stated that they will track zkPunk holders’ activity, meaning that owning one will give you some benefits and access to ZKL should be among them.

Currently, zkPunks are trading at around $75 in ETH. That’s a high price, but if you can afford it I think it’s worth the shot. 

That’s it for today.