Mid-April is here. Time for some earning ideas. 

SyncSwap Airdrop

As soon as the Arbitrum fever ended, zkSync came to the fore. In the following months, I expect numerous airdrops, raises, and scams. Hopefully, we can get some low-hanging fruits.

Speaking of low-hanging fruits, SyncSwap is currently the largest project on zkSync in terms of total value locked. Even more important, it has hinted at an airdrop.

Currently, the project’s Discord has a “wallet” channel. I suggest you drop your EVM address there. If you’re feeling uncomfortable doing that, use a burner address.

Linea NFT

Chains, chains, chains, chains, chains… If you don’t get this reference, take a look at one of my favorite videos of all time.

Anyhow, while we have many chains today, it’s crucial that you strive to use every single one of them. Particular attention should go towards chains from the industry’s leading teams that don’t have tokens yet.

One such chain is Linea. It’s being built by ConsenSys, the company that helped Ethereum become what it is today. Without ConsenSys, there would be no MetaMask, and who knows how many extra security issues ordinary users would have to deal with.

Linea is just starting, but since it’s by the creators of MetaMask, its data is already included in your wallets. You will see it if you open MetaMask and click on the chain selector. If you don’t see it, you need to update your extension or click “Show/hide” test networks.

Once you switch to Linea, head to this website and subscribe to Linea’s updates. To do it, you will need to scroll down a bit till you see Linea’s NFT and click on “Subscribe to Mint.”

The website will ask for your email address and a MetaMask signature. Then, the subscription button will turn into a “Mint” one. Minting is on Optimism, meaning you will need some ETH there. If you don’t have any, you can use Hop to bridge.

The Spring Thaw NFT ownership might be an airdrop criterion for Linea, and something tells me that, at some point, this airdrop will happen.

Eigen Layer Testnet

Eigen Layer is a mind-breaker. I spent quite a bit of time trying to understand what it does. In short: it will make ETH the ultimate security asset for applications—no more “useless” governance tokens.

Still, Eigen Layer itself will likely have a “useless” governance token, which will likely be valued quite high by the market. That’s because the project has raised over $50 million without a working product.

Currently, the project is in a testnet phase. To test it, you will need some Goerli ETH. The easiest way to get it is still Alchemy.

Once you get some test ETH, send some to 0x1643E812aE58766192Cf7D2Cf9567dF2C37e9B7F, and you will get a similar amount of staked ETH (stETH) back. 

Next, visit this link, connect your wallet to the explorer using the button highlighted on the screenshot, and use the “deposit” function. That’s how you will get RocketPool’s test rETH.

Finally, go to Eigen Layer, click “Rocket Pool Ether,” then click “MAX” in the amount field to restake your rETH. Repeat this process for “Lido Staked Ether” by going to the previous page.

That’s it. Hopefully, Eigen Layer will say “thank you” to its testers.

That’s it for today.