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“Simetri is embedded into CMC [CoinMarketCap] coin profiles … Knowledge is power, and the more transparent information that investors are armed with, the better.”

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“[Simetri] reports can level the playing field, as well as mitigate risk for … investors looking for some guidance.”

What is SIMETRI?

SIMETRI is a proprietary methodology for scoring cryptocurrency projects that since 2019 has repeatedly helped subscribers make 3x, 5x and 10x investments.

Here are some of our recent recommendations

Terra September 2021 report
126% gains in 3 months

Kusama November 2020 report
695% gains in 13 months

A $1,000 investment in each of these projects would have turned into more than $10,210 in just over one year


And SIMETRI is built to deliver these kinds of returns again and again

Our team of crypto experts looks at dozens of factors to find cryptocurrencies with incredible upside potential

Market Opportunity

Ecosystem Development

Token Economics

Core Team

Technical Analysis

Token Release Schedules and Sinks

Underlying Technology

Roadmap Process

Token Perfomance

Upcoming Catalysts

Investment Trends

Market Conditions

With researchers and analysts from one of the most trusted financial publications in the cryptocurrency industry — Crypto Briefing

SIMETRI leverages proprietary information and data sources

Cultivated by one of the most trusted financial publications in the cryptocurrency industry

Our unfair advantage:

  • Our network of industry-insiders give us the real scoop on what’s happening inside a cryptocurrency project
  • Years of experience applying our proprietary methodology and reviewing hundreds of projects to recognize what's really happening
  • Expert data analysis of trading indicators allow us to identify patterns and draw conclusions for investment prospects
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What you’ll get when you join SIMETRI

Pick of the Month

Cryptocurrency recommendations with explosive upside. Short to medium-term trends show that these projects have the potential to generate gains that will beat Bitcoin and major alt coins like Ethereum.

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Exclusively for SIMETRI subscribers:

  • Every month we reveal a hidden gem that is positioned to capitalize on emerging trends and near-term catalysts that could result in gains that will beat market leaders
  • We take a deep dive into emerging investment trends to identify which coins are perfectly positioned to ride the wave and generate outstanding returns
  • A separate analysis report and rating detailing the most relevant parts of a project’s underlying fundamentals like their team, technology, and market potential
  • A look at trading indicators coupled with technical analysis to understand ideal buy and sell points after the release of a report

Digital Asset and Market Insight Reports

Cut through the noise with comprehensive analysis and investment ratings. Identify the projects which will survive the long haul through bullish and bearish markets.

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Exclusively for SIMETRI subscribers:

  • Full Digital Asset Reports and investment ratings on all of the top coins trading on the market today
  • Update reports on big developments in the cryptocurrency industry and immediate notification of an upgrade or downgrade to a project’s rating
  • Market insight reports on trending sectors within crypto (such as DeFi) and exploring new ways to profit from these insights
  • Crypto 101: educational information on blockchain and adjacent technologies to keep you on top of the trends

Coins on the Move:
Actionable Short-Term Trading Dashboard

A clear and actionable trading dashboard that combines technical analysis with fundamental research for short-term and long-term buying and selling opportunities.


Stay ahead of the market with timely updates

Immediate Notification of upgrades and downgrades

  • Name
  • Current
  • Change
  • Previous
  • Bitcoin
  • A
  • Upgrade
  • A-
  • Ethereum
  • B+
  • Upgrade
  • B-
  • Ripple
  • B
  • Downgrade
  • B+
  • DASH
  • B-
  • Upgrade
  • C+
Name Bitcoin
Previous A-
Change upgrade
Name Ethereum
Previous B-
Change upgrade
Name Ripple
Previous B+
Change downgrade
Previous C+
Change upgrade
* Grades show in image above are not actual grades and are simply used for illustrative purposes

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research provider in the world

About Crypto Briefing

  • Largest independent crypto media and research company in the world — over 700,000 people read our reporting every month
  • We are independently owned and don’t have to push anyone’s agenda
  • Our internal trading policy does not allow ANYONE on our team to make trades within 3 days of a report release

Sample some of our recent reports

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June 25, 2019


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