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Thank you for subscribing to SIMETRI, here we will explain what you get as part of your SIMETRI membership, when you get it, and how you can use it to advance your crypto knowledge and make smarter investments.

You will receive an email notification from us every time we publish a new report. To make sure our emails always arrive safely in your primary inbox, simply locate the "getting started" email you received from us when you joined and reply to it with anything in the message and hit send. (This will tell your email provider that our emails are important you).

When a report is released we will immediately send you an email notification.

SIMETRI Reports and How to Use them Effectively

Coin Pick-of-the-Month Reports

Our Coin Pick-of-the-Month are prospects that we believe not only possess strong long-term fundamentals but ALSO have the potential to generate explosive gains in the short-term (1-3 month horizon).

  • We believe these are worth investing in immediately and are time sensitive based on the price of the coin when the report is released. 
  • We will provide a “Buy up to Price” on the “Key Metrics” section of the report (usually on the second page of this report).  This price, in our opinion, is the highest price per coin that would still make the project an attractive investment. 
  • These reports will be released once a month on the second Tuesday of every month at 1pm Eastern Time. You will receive an email notification once it is published or if there are changes in the schedule of release. We also reserve the right to not release a pick if market conditions are not right for the month.
  • These reports are good for both long-term holders as well as short term traders.

These reports can be found here: Reports

Full Digital Asset Reports

These are in-depth institutional grade analysis reports that assess the long term (one-year horizon) prospects of top coins and their respective investment rating.

  • We consider anything that gets a B- or higher an investable project. These are coins that we believe are worth hanging onto for the long run. 
  • On the “Key Metrics” section of the report (usually on the third page) you will find the “Buy up to price.” This price, in our opinion, is the highest price per coin that would still make the project an attractive investment. You can look up the coin on our "Coins on the Move" page to find ideal entry and exit prices for all coins we have rated.
  • There are currently over 50 reports in our reports library
  • Update reports and investment grade changes are provided periodically as necessary. 
  • These reports are good for less active crypto traders looking for strong projects to hold onto.

These reports can be found here: Reports

We’ve put together a 2-part educational series on how we evaluate crypto projects here (Part I) and here (Part II).

To learn more about the Simetri’s evaluation framework and to understand what our grades mean, see the methodology and grading section.

Pro BTC Trader

Pro BTC Trader will provide you with everything you need to know to make profitable trades on Bitcoin’s daily price swings regardless of which direction the price goes.

This Pro BTC Trader provides you with daily email alerts that include:

  • Daily email alerts are delivered to your inbox seven days a week at 9am EST.
  • Daily chart analysis, fundamental market developments, sentiment analysis, and trends forecast. 
  • Clear signals on short/medium/long term Bitcoin price targets. 
  • Trade execution instructions and details on entry price, stop loss, and price targets for order execution. 
  • Short selling strategies to help you profit from potential downward price movements in Bitcoin.
  • Short-sell trade recommendations will also provide specific entry points, stop loss, and price targets with step-by-step order execution instruction.

Please contact us at if you are not receiving these daily emails.

Coins on the Move Dashboard

This is a short-term signals dashboard that showcases all the coins we have already reported on, and combines the projects’ fundamental developments along with short term factors and catalysts.

Coins on the Move will provide you with:

  • An easy way to get quick and actionable investment signals.
  • Entry and exit prices.
  • A snapshot of projects' near-term prospects. 
  • Insights on near term projections and the reasoning for the expected move.
  • Clear “buy to” and “sell to” targets for each coin. 
  • Integration with the fundamental grade we have given the project, to understand how we feel about it in the medium and long term.
  • Daily updates on changes in near-term outlooks and price targets.
  • The addition of projects that may not be as fundamentally strong but could have significant short-term upside.
  • Ability to sort and search by coins and their potential profitability. 

Learn more about how Coins on the Move works here.

You can find the Coins-on-the-Move Dashboard here:


Head over to our blog to find all the latest announcements, trade alerts, market insights, trading strategies, and various other educational content for those new to crypto investing.

You can find our blog here:

SIMETRI Ratings Page

This is a quick guide on all of the coins that we have reported on and sorted by their grade.

You can find our Ratings page here: Ratings

Questions and Support

If you ever have any questions about your account or have login issues, just email us at or find the “Help” button on the lower-right corner of and submit a support ticket. 


And as always, for all our reports, it is important to remember that we are not registered financial advisers with the SEC or any other organization or governmental body, and what we provide is not a personalized investment advice. Nor are our reports and flashes an offer to purchase or sell any particular token related to a project. These are merely the best opinions of our research team based upon our various research and diligence. But this is no substitute for personalized advice from an investment professional. Always DYOR (do your own research). Investments in tokens and crypto currencies are highly speculative, and prices of tokens can be quite volatile, so doing so may not be suitable for you.

Please see our full disclaimer and terms of use here.