July 9th, 2020 will mark the one-year anniversary of SIMETRI opening up to the public. And we will be releasing some ROI stats on SIMETRI to let you know how we did overall.

But first, I want to share a few quick updates.

  • An update to our internal trading policy
  • An update to the publishing delay of our digital asset report grades on CoinMarketCap.com and CoinGecko.com

When we launched SIMETRI our primary mission was to help level the playing field for regular investors by providing unfiltered insights and investment signals.

In an effort to ensure these insights were authentic and uncompromised, prior to launching SIMETRI we worked with our legal team to draft and implement a transparent company-wide internal trading policy.

Our internal trading policy governs what our employees can and cannot do. Our internal trading policy had two intentions 1) to prevent our employees, myself, or anyone else, from profiting off potentially market moving reports before our members see them and 2) to ensure that we are operating compliantly in respect to US securities laws.

However, after observing our internal trading policy for the past year we realized that some of the policies we started with may be overly restrictive and have impacted the timeliness of our reports. An overly restrictive policy also created additional challenges in the growth of our research team.

With investment trends appearing and disappearing within months we needed to make some tweaks to our policy to ensure we had the flexibility we needed to provide the product that we promised.

As such we have updated our internal trading policy here. These updated policies should help us provide you with more timely signals.

One clause that has not changed is our disclosure policy. If an author or a member of the research team holds a crypto that is the subject of a report, then this information will always be disclosed accordingly at the end of the report.

All reports are peer reviewed, critiqued, and edited by several members of the research team and evaluated for content as well as potential bias. We have implemented this system to protect our members from potential conflicts of interest and we work very hard to make sure this is not something you need to worry about.

The second update is that we will be reducing the publishing delay of our digital asset grades on CoinMarketCap from two (2) weeks to two (2) days.

So from today on, two days after our full digital asset reports and ratings are released to our members, a summary and grade of the respective coin will be released on the coin pages’ ratings tab on CoinMarketcap.com and CoinGecko.com.

I hope this helps shed some transparency on how we operate as a crypto media and research company. I also hope that these changes will help us bring you more profitable and timely signals.

As always, thank you for your support and invest safely.