Crypto might look boring right now to an outsider. But if you’re reading this, you know that the party never stops—it merely slows down. 

Today I have three ideas that might make you a quick buck even in these conditions. The market keeps giving.

Tapioca DAO

You might have heard about Stargate and LayerZero. In short, LayerZero is a network that other chains can use to communicate information, and Stargate is a bridge that uses LayerZero under the hood.

Since LayerZero is a generalized network, its applications can go far beyond bridging assets. One potential application is lending, and that’s the service Tapioca DAO wants to offer.

If Tapioca works as designed, you would be able to, say, borrow ETH on Arbitrum with collateral you have on Optimism. It’s a substantial improvement in user experience since bridging is still cumbersome.

The app isn’t live yet, but you can get POAP tokens for attending the team’s calls. These tokens might give you airdrop allocation or an allowlist seat. 

You need to have reminders for calls because people are trying to farm POAP tokens, and you want to get ahead of the crowd. The calls are in Discord, and they can handle only so many people, so it’s better to join a few minutes in advance to secure a seat.

Join the project’s Discord server. Then, go to the “join-the-guild” channel and click on the “Join Tapioca DAO” button. You will be redirected to, where you can connect your wallet, Twitter, and Discord account to claim your first role, “Pearlers.” You will need it.

Next, go to the “event-calendar” channel to check the upcoming calls. Once a new call is announced, make a reminder in your favorite app. Come to the Discord server 10 minutes before the call and wait until the call channel appears in the “VOICE BAR” section.

You don’t have to sit throughout the entire call; 20 minutes will suffice. Make sure not to deafen (the headphones icon next to your profile picture shouldn’t be crossed). If you don’t want to listen, turn your computer’s speakers off.

After the call, head to the “claim-poap” channel and use the “/claim” command. The bot will give you a link to the POAP website. Make sure you follow it and mint the token. If you have more than one POAP to claim, their links will be different. You need to visit each.


FTX’s downfall means only one thing: decentralized exchanges will have more business to handle. That’s especially true for derivatives, given that futures traders loved FTX.

Decentrex isn’t unique and comes to a crowded market with players like GMX and DYDX. However, it has interest from some high-profile crypto figures like Spreek, which will likely help boost awareness. 

I suggest making a couple of low-leveraged trades. The exchange just started, and it might reward early users. Decentrex is available on Optimism, so fees shouldn’t be an issue. Make sure you use low leverage in case the market starts moving fast against you.

Carmine Finance

Everything on StarkNet is good by default. If you just started reading our emails, the reason for such a statement is that with StarkNet, you’re extremely early, and projects there will get hyped once the network is fully functional.

Carmine focuses on options. In its current form, there’s nothing special about it, except for the fact that it lives on StarkNet. Get some testnet ETH and try the app

If you encounter problems, post them in the project’s Discord. The appropriate channel for feedback is “testnet.” I suggest posting some feedback there even if you don’t have issues since the team will assign a special role for you. This role might be your allowlist gateway.

That’s it for today. Thank you for reading.