Thursday ideas are here, let’s roll.

Polynomial Secret Code

Polynomial is a derivatives platform on Optimism. Many are looking forward to its launch, but you have an advantage.

If you go to the platform’s website, it will ask you to enter a password. The password is “f(perps)”. You can now make a couple of trades super early. If there is an airdrop, this activity will increase your chances of being eligible.

Ripe Finance

Ripe Finance is a stablecoin protocol founded by Mike Hagen, DeFi OG, an early Sushi and Olympus community member. DeFi whale Tetranode has also highlighted the project.

Currently, the protocol is in a private Beta testnet, accessible to the early community. To participate in a private testnet, join Discord and sign up at the website. Then, fill out a 30-second survey, and look out on Discord for when your access is granted.

Attending the project’s weekly Discord community calls is also worth it to increase your chances of getting testnet access.

Once access is granted, you need to request funds on testnet, deposit USDC/DAI, borrow jUSD, and stake it. Also, bond some USDC in exchange for discounted jUSD.

Just Bet

Just Bet is an on-chain gambling platform built using the revolutionary WINR Protocol on the Arbitrum blockchain. It will launch its public sale on Camelot on March 6.

You can try out the protocol on testnet in anticipation of a potential airdrop until February 28.

  1. Visit the app.
  2. Connect MetaMask, and approve the pop-up that appears to add Arbitrum Goerli Testnet. 
  3. Click on Faucet, mint Goerli ETH (Arbitrum) and JBwEth. 
  4. Explore the games – Coin flip, Range, Moon, Wheel, Lottery, Plinko. 
  5. Add liquidity by clicking Earn, deposit, and confirm transactions in MetaMask. 
  6. Withdraw. After 48hrs, you can withdraw your earnings by clicking on Earn -> my wETH -> claim wETH and confirm the transaction in MetaMask. 

StarkDeFi: If It’s ZK, It’s Good

We continue our hunt for ZK projects. This time it’s StarkDeFi, which uses StarkWare tech.

The project is small and has only raised $36,000 on Gitcoin. But some of the greatest investments and airdrops start out this way.

Assuming you already have Argent X or Braavos wallet and some testnet tokens, you can make a couple of swaps here. Join the project’s Discord and leave some feedback for better chances of getting something.

That’s it for today. Thank you for reading.