Thursday ideas are here, let’s roll.

SUI Token Community Access Program

This one will be tough, so I suggest skipping it if you have little time to allocate.

The team claims that the program’s members will be able to purchase SUI during the project’s early stages, so it’s like participating in a public sale but in hard mode.

First, you should play Frenemies staking game and collect Capys. If you don’t have a SUI wallet, use Ethos. After you install it and set it up, get some testnet SUI from the #testnet-faucet channel on this server by typing “!faucet YOUR ADDRESS”.

If you have extended capacity, I recommend going the extra mile. Frenemies and Capys, or any other easy activities, will be heavily botted, so they might not result in much. To boost your chances of getting into the program, wear a monocle and try being a Twitter “threadooor.”

You can read articles about the project here and create an educational thread (a chain of tweets). Use Typefully for your draft, and use the following tags at least once: @SuiNetwork, $SUI, #SuiEcosystem. 

Don’t worry about the thread’s quality or making mistakes. If you do several short threads devoted to the project’s different aspects, you should have a better chance of getting in than those using the testnet. Don’t overthink it. Whoever checks your work won’t bother about it much.

The Mystery of Krims Protocol

Nobody knows what Krims is. All I know is that Nitro Cartel started very similarly, and its NFTs now have a 3 ETH floor.

Click a button here and make a tweet. Don’t worry if Wallet Guard doesn’t like the website. You won’t be connecting your wallet and interacting with it.

NFT Futures Trading With Incentives

The crossovers of DeFi and NFTs are getting wilder. This time we found a perpetual futures exchange, pNFT.

Why do perpetual futures for NFTs matter? Simple: no ownership requirement, and leverage. These two things provide a more accessible way for gambling on NFTs prices than the inefficient spot trading. The website summarizes it beautifully: “Long or short bluechip NFTs with just $10.”

The app is simple. Connect your MetaMask, and it will offer you to switch to Arbitrum testnet and get some testnet WETH. Once you’re done, try a few trades. 

Trading per se might not result in an airdrop, though. Drop some feature requests in the #suggest-features channel of the project’s Discord. On top of that, click on the “Tweets” button here. If your tweet gains at least 100 views, you should get a treat.

That’s it for today. Thank you for reading.