I hope your week is going well. Let’s dive into our DeFi ideas.

Help SupraOracles For Tokens

SupraOracles is like Chainlink. It’s for getting data from the non-blockchain world, filtering it, and sending it to blockchains. 

Recently, the project announced an incentivized testing program. To participate, go through the steps here.

GammaX: In StarkNet We Trust

You know I love StarkNet or any new and under-the-radar network out there, for that matter. GammaX should go live on StarkNet because it uses a stopgap tech, StarkEx.

Currently, the exchange is in testnet mode, but trading isn’t available yet. You’re very early. 

Sign up here, then go to the dashboard and see what you can do from the “Mission X” section. In my opinion, the easiest and the most enjoyable way to get rewards points is to complete small learning courses here. However, keep in mind that since the platform is raw, it can be buggy. Give it time to load videos.

Scroll Testnet

Scroll is another lesser crowded testnet. It’s another variation on zero-knowledge proofs used by zkSync and StarkNet.

Testing the network is straightforward. Go here and follow all the steps. Then, get some test funds on the “Faucet” tab, bridge some on the “Bridge” tab, and swap some on the “Swap” tab. 

Keep in mind that Scroll is technically two networks. It might confuse you at first. You have to request funds for both or use the bridge to fund one from another.

Filecoin Testnet?

If Scroll and StarkNet are overlooked, the Filecoin EVM chain is the hidden gem. You probably never heard of it, and that’s a very good sign.

To start with the network, you can use CollectifDAO, a liquid staking protocol. CollectifDAO is 2-in-1: Filecoin testnet and LSDs.

Visit this site. When you try to connect your wallet, the app will tell you that you’re using the wrong network and suggest going to Chainlist to add the correct one. After switching to the correct network, click “Get testnet FIL” in the top right corner, redirecting you to a faucet. Give it a minute or so after requesting test funds.

After you get testnet tokens, stake some of them here. There’s no talk of an airdrop yet, but if there ever is one, it should be sizable because almost no one will go through these steps.

That’s it for today. Thank you for reading.