It’s Wednesday again, so let’s dive into the NFT world.

Parallel Early Access

Parallel is one of the most known blockchain-based games. It’s also one of the highest valued. Here’s just one of the items that cost north of 10 ETH.

The team recently announced that it would give early access passes. All you have to do is register here and then request early access here. You will be asked to complete a survey, it’s not short, but it’s worth your time.

Since Parallel is a trading card game, you will be asked many questions about what you play and how often. I suggest tweaking your answers to what the team wants to hear to get that access.

Takeover World Cards

Takeover World might not be as famous as Parallel, but it’s new. Almost everything new is good, especially if you get it at low prices or for free because the potential for speculation is high (no previous holders, low starting point).

The game still has something in common with Parallel: it’s a card game. You can potentially get an allowlist seat by subscribing to the project’s updates here.

Sui Game is a Good Game

Sui is much more crowded than StarkNet, ironically diminishing the value of participating in it. Still, occasionally it’s worth it to drop in and try stuff there.

This time I suggest you try out Dead Bytes, an FPS game. Everything is in the browser, and your wallet is tracked, so there’s a chance you can get something as an early player.

Go to Clutchy, connect your Sui wallet, and click “Play Now.” A new tab will open, and the game will start loading. Give it around three minutes.
Once the game is loaded, type your character’s name at the very bottom of the screen. Then, click “Find Room” and “Server Fun.” Play for five minutes or so. That should be enough.

zkSync NFT is a Good NFT

zkSync is better than Sui regarding how many people are farming the airdrop. That’s why projects on the network don’t get oversubscribed so quickly, especially if the entrance costs money. Thus, Nexon might be worth your money.

Nexon is a lending protocol, like Aave or MakerDAO, but on zkSync. Once the network goes live, it will be one of the core primitives. Hence, if the project has a token, latecomers will most likely pump it.

Currently, you can donate to the project and get an NFT back. This NFT will most likely give you airdrop rights. The sweet part is that you can donate as little as $5. Donations are on Polygon.

That’s it for today. Thank you for reading.

Disclosure: At the time of writing, the author held a number of NFTs, ETH, and several other digital assets. Read our trading policy to see how SIMETRI protects its members against insider trading.