As New Year approaches, I read my end-of-December thoughts from 2020 and 2021 to remind myself how the market looked and what we thought about it.

My 2020 post’s title is “Regulators at the Gates.” Ironically, regulations continue to dominate the crypto news landscape, but nothing has really changed. They’ve become noise, like Andrew Tate’s arrest, and each story is quickly forgotten.

The crowd is focused on what central bankers say about crypto. We’re focused on making as much money as possible in the melt up.

Regulations will have an impact on crypto prices. But I think it’s important to distinguish news / rumors from meaningful events, because meaningful events will occur less frequently and will have a much more pronounced and prolonged impact on the industry.

In 2020, I also touched on BTC dominance. Having several times more ETH than BTC (in dollar terms), I’m confidently stating that bitcoin is still king in price action. ETH is becoming stronger, but BTC still sucks liquidity out of everything on the way up or down. 

Given the above, a safe investment strategy remains to have much of your stack in BTC and, dare I say, ETH. They won’t give you outsized returns, but you can accumulate with size, which is also important.

That brings me to the 2021 post on “optimistic” investing and “pessimistic” profit-taking. You should be doing well now if you read it and internalized the outlined concepts. Congrats, OG! If you joined later and missed the post, no worries. We all start as noobs and learn from there.

If you’re targeting 10x returns or more, you’re going up the exponential risk curve. “Exponential” means that the risk of your investment being destroyed grows very quickly. That’s why you must take precautions by storing the bulk of your funds in something not very volatile (or stablecoins), and relentlessly take profits. Remember Rule #1.

You can play with ultra-low-caps with no tangibles and borderline (or even outright) scams and potentially make a lot of money. But gambling is available only to the rich because only they can shake off a series of failed investments. 

I’m sorry if it shatters your get-rich-quick dream, but it’s better to come to terms with reality before you put money on the line. Plus, it doesn’t mean you can’t eventually become a whale and go up the risk curve.

Now that we’ve run through past ideas, let me throw in a new one to give myself (or someone else after me) something to reflect on. It’s the lesson I’m still learning personally and a concept that I’m a noob at, just like some of you.

The idea is simple: timing matters. You might get a lot for minimal input if you provide it at the right time. Linger a little, and the low-hanging fruit is gone.

Over months we had multiple internal conversations about whether to tell subscribers to take a proactive approach to SIMETRI. I voted for it, and the counterargument was that people wouldn’t be happy about being asked to do some work because they paid us to analyze stuff for them. 

Now that we have a vibrant Discord community, I’m even more confident that extra work is necessary. So, put your helmet on.

I receive tips from colleagues and anons all the time, and still, to this day, I miss easy opportunities by not acting on the spot. We all have lives and work, so it’s easy to put stuff off until later, hoping that you will remember or that someone will remind you. I advise against this approach. 

Paying money for a service and being asked by the service provider to do work sounds weird. But I assure you that even with our approach of looking for easy and promising ideas, you won’t get the most out of it unless you join the community and participate in our quest to find alpha.

I’m very proud of our active community members who brought many tips on top of what you could find in SIMETRI newsletters and reports. You are OGs, and you’re GMI

For noobs, learn from OGs, and you will get up to speed in no time. Help your peers, and they will help you. That’s how extra work will turn from a tedious task into an exciting quest. You don’t have to spend all of your time in crypto, but drop in our Discord every once in a while, and you will get much more out of SIMETRI than you could ever imagine.

With that, let me wish you a happy New Year. I hope you will catch 1,000x with at least $1,000 and sell the top.

Disclosure: The author of this newsletter holds ETH. Crypto Briefing and members of the research team hold some of the Pick of the Month coins mentioned in the table above. Read our trading policy to see how SIMETRI protects its members against insider trading.