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Since the Initiation Report on QuarkChain that we released a year ago, the project has not shown much progress. QuarkChain has struggled with ecosystem growth throughout most of the year, which has significantly affected its token performance.

The project is currently trying to break into the DeFi space, with the bridge to Ethereum and several products on offer. However, this will likely be difficult to do given the level of competition in the market.

QuarkChain is working on improving adoption of its blockchain on the enterprise level by partnering with companies and governments. However, it could take years before there will be any meaningful outcome.

The project was one of the first aiming to implement sharding, which tackles the most pressing issue in blockchain technology: scalability. However, so far, it has not been able to create the necessary network effects for its technology.

Often, success does not depend entirely on robust technology. Ethereum, with all of its scalability issues, continues to dominate the market, while most of its “killers” have not even come close to what it has achieved so far.

For QuarkChain to survive in the long term, the project needs to find niche use cases where its network can solve real problems. Otherwise, it risks becoming irrelevant and losing all of its current support.

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Convex’s business model is built on Curve, a DeFi blue chip that continues to be one of the market leaders. It repackages Curve’s governance into a liquidity bootstrapping product that is already being used by projects like Abracadabra and Alchemix, and there is potential for more projects using it down the line. Ergo, Convex is one of the few examples of business-to-business models in crypto.

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