Avalanche’s native token AVAX recently touched an all-time high of $145 with a market capitalization of $32.2 billion. The Layer 1 blockchain platform has been growing in popularity as a robust Ethereum killer. 

Avalanche’s DeFi ecosystem has expanded to over $12.5 billion. Its GameFi community is also expected to expand and replicate the success of games on Ethereum.

Today, I will introduce a newly launched Avalanche-based game, Crabada. It borrows various features from previously successful blockchain games. The game is backed by the Avalanche Foundation, which also led a recent $600,000 investment round in the game.

Crabada is a play-to-earn NFT game on Avalanche that launched on Nov. 15. 

The main creatures of the game are hermit-crabs called “Crabada,” which are represented as NFTs on Avalanche. The minting process for the first generation of NFTs was eligible only for select participants of their Community Bootstrap Event that ended in October. 

Currently, the cheapest Crabada NFTs are trading for about $2,200 on the marketplace. This is probably because they’re the first and second generations of these NFTs. On popular games like Axie Infinity, the earliest generations fetched upto $1.2 million

You can only purchase Crabada NFTs using the in-game tokens, Treasure Under Sea (TUS). TUS tokens are also used for participating in mining, battles, and consumed during the breeding process. 

The game also includes a governance token, Crabada (CRA). CRA comes with an early incentive period for liquidity mining of 20,000 CRA tokens ($115 million at the current price) lasting until Feb. 15, 2022.

Crabada marketplace. Source: cradaba.com

The Crabada team has included various interesting in-game mechanics to make the NFT and tokens valuable. These include mining, looting, breeding, battling, exploring, crafting, and more

The first edition of the games comes with idle battle-based gameplay that includes mining, looting and breeding. To start playing, you need to purchase at least three Crabada NFTs. The initial investment in the game is on the higher side, around $7,500. 

You can make your investment back in a month’s time through the play-to-earn mechanism of the game. 

Once you have your team of three Crabadas, you can send them on mining or looting expeditions. 

Every mining period lasts four hours, so players can go for a maximum of six rounds of mining in a day. If you are able to perform a few simple actions regularly, you can earn on average around $235 daily in Crabada’s in-game tokens, TUS and governance token, CRA. 

In the first 90 minutes of the mining process, another team in the ecosystem can attack the miner in a process called ‘looting’ and steal a portion of the rewards. Players can send their teams for a maximum of 16 loots a day. They can earn about $377 on average if they maximize their daily efforts.

Earning probabilities for miners. Source: crabada.com

Breeding of two Crabada NFTs gives you a new Crabada NFT in a process similar to the one used on Axie Infinity. It costs 105 CRA (worth $191) and a minimum of 4,250 $ TUS tokens (worth $700) for every breeding attempt.

Breeding cost of Crabada NFTs. Source: crabada.com

Given the high cost of breeding, playing the game to earn those TUS and CRA tokens sounds like a better option than buying them to breed. You can then sell your newly bred Cadabra on the marketplace.

The team plans to launch additional features like exploring, and crafting, along with more immersive battle modes around Q1 next year. They are also planning a mobile version of the game around the same time. 

How To Play 

To play, first, you’ll need to have TUS tokens in your MetaMask wallet, connected to the Avalanche network. To set up Avalanche on our MetaMask wallet, follow these steps

You also need to make sure you have AVAX to pay for transaction fees on the network. 

Buy Crabada’s TUS tokens on the decentralized exchange, Trader Joe. Confirm the order in your Metamask wallet to complete the purchase.

Source: traderjoe.xyz

Now, head over to Crabada’s marketplace and purchase your first three Crabada NFTs. Click on Login and connect your MetaMask wallet.

Crabada marketplace. Source: Crabada

Select the Crabada NFT you want to buy and click on ‘Buy.’ Confirm the transaction on MetaMask to complete the purchase.

Buying Crabada NFTs. Source: Crabada marketplace

After purchasing three Crabada’s, move over to the game’s website to start playing. First, click on ‘Connect Wallet.’

Starting to play Crabada. Source: crabada.com

Once you connect your Metamask and go to Inventory.

Transferring NFTs to the game. Source: crabada.com

Then, go to Manage Tokens to make your team and send them for mining.

To find existing miners to loot, go to the Explore option. You can also rent out your NFTs in the ‘Tavern’ section to earn some passive income. 

As I mentioned before, the team is offering early liquidity mining rewards of governance tokens to players for the first few months. Moreover, the breeding process is also in the early stages. You can potentially make a decent profit if you grab the early generation NFTs and breed for a few rounds.