Mitchell here again. I have some good news and some bad news.

Starting with the bad news⁠—SIMETRI is running out of spots. From the beginning, our mission has been to make crypto life-changing wealth available to everyone. But lately, we’ve had a record number of sign-ups and that’s having some unintended consequences.

SIMETRI is getting to the point where it’s acting as a signal to the market. Every time we release a report, our picks are moving prices 5%, 10%, and as much as 50% within 30 minutes.

It’s been getting even worse as the market heats up. News spreads fast. When we stand behind a project the market takes notice. When we say a project is strong, prices tend to go up and stay up.

This is good and bad. It means our subscribers are immediately in the green when they invest in a pick (but remember, we’re here for 10x and not a measly 50% gains). But that’s not our intention.

We make picks based on their long-term potential. Short-term price moves are a result of how early members are getting into these projects. Often, we release our reports before there’s strong demand so our picks often have a noticeable impact on price.

But with rapidly rising prices that also means our members are not getting the best possible price to magnify their upside.

All of our subscribers deserve a chance to get a hold of our recommendations before we hit our “Buy Up To” price. Every coin we recommend needs to have 10x potential⁠—and that’s a lot harder if prices are increasing 50% before our subscribers can get in.

We’re Limiting the Number of New Subscribers

That’s why we’re making this tough decision… We’re limiting the number of new subscribers we’re letting into SIMETRI.

We believe that our research should be available to as many people as possible⁠, not just big venture capitalist insiders. But we also need to live up to our goal of delivering picks with 10x potential.

For SIMETRI to work, it is necessary to make lots of small bets. It doesn’t matter if half of these bets turn out to be duds. By focusing on projects with 10x or even 100x potential makes it possible for the entire portfolio to be a winner regardless.

However, SIMETRI doesn’t work for people who only want to roll the dice if they win every single timeOur method requires patience and conviction. It requires people who can hold through crazy ups and downs.

Remember, it only takes one home run to make up for a hundred swings. That’s why SIMETRI is wildly profitable for members. That said, even if the dice are skewed in SIMETRI’s favor it still might take a dozen rolls to come out on top.

That’s why we only want a certain kind of investor to sign-up for SIMETRI⁠. Somebody who’s in crypto for the long haul. We want the kind of person who’s willing to hold out for gains of 1,000% even if our pick already jumped 50%.

That’s why we’re removing the monthly subscription option for new subscribers on December 1, 2020⁠. This change ensures that our new members are in it for the long haul.

Moreover, to make sure we only attract members who are looking to make long-term crypto investments, we’ll be raising the price of SIMETRI from $695 to $1,295 on December 1, 2020.

The good news is that with a smaller number of members, you’ll be getting even more potential upside and even more time to get in on our picks before the market moves.

If you’re already a subscriber to SIMETRI, you’re grandfathered-in. Whether you have a monthly or yearly subscription, you’ll continue paying the same price so long as you stay subscribed to SIMETRI.

That means if you subscribe or upgrade within the next two weeks, you’ll lock-in the current prices.

Upgrades and Improvements to SIMETRI

We do admit it is unfair to increase prices on new members without delivering more value… That’s why we’re rolling out new upgrades to SIMETRI for both new and existing members.

One of these features is a token “Watchlist,”  promising projects on our radar that didn’t quite make it to the Pick of the Month. Another is SMS notifications to make sure that members are the first to know when a report is released.

And these are just the upgrades we’re closest to rolling out. We have a trove of upcoming features that will help take your crypto investing to the next level.

I can’t wait to share what we have in store.