Ethereum gas prices have priced out a lot of the retail market, so what’s left? It turns out that Solana is becoming a thriving ecosystem for those looking to turn a quick profit.

Despite non-EVM compatibility, its developers have quickly caught on to the DeFi and NFT trends. The gains on some Solana projects are becoming far too lucrative to ignore.

Today, I will share a couple of Solana-based projects that you should check out. If you use them with caution and are lucky enough, they can become your personal SOL printing machines.

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Now, onto staying up-to-date with Solana…

Last month, my colleague Alexander Mardar shared some alpha about NFT sales on Solana. It shouldn’t have been difficult to flip some JPEGs for hefty gains if you followed his advice.

For instance, Solarians cost around 7 SOL when he sent out the newsletter and jumped above 20 SOL about a week later. The floor for Degen Ape Academy jumped from 5 SOL to over 120 SOL towards August end.

Unfortunately, as degens continue crowding the space, flipping NFTs has become riskier. The floor prices for some collections are dropping below the minting price soon after listing. For instance, Kaiju Cards’ floor went as low as 2.15 SOL, 30% lower than the minting cost.

Press F for Kaiju Cards owners.

Source: Solanart.

That’s not to say that the market is dead. You just gotta put more work into finding gems. Fortunately, there’s a convenient tool that has all the upcoming drops listed in one place. It’s called Solanalysis.

With Solanalysis in your bookmarks tab, you can track future NFT sales to make your game plan for flipping JPEGs. When the NFT drops are stacked next to each other, it’s easy to spot the worthwhile ones.

Next, let’s talk about DeFi. Although this niche has been overshadowed by NFTs lately, it doesn’t mean all opportunities are exhausted. Take Raydium DEX and AcceleRaytor as an example.

AcceleRaytor is a platform for token pre-sales for new dApps on Solana. The project conducts lotteries where tickets are airdropped to Raydium users who stake its governance token RAY. Let’s take a closer look at its past offerings.

Raydium AcceleRaytor, take note of the initial prices.

ATLAS and POLIS increased 100x from the price they were sold on AcceleRaytor. The odds of winning the lottery with one ticket is around 2.9%. These odds aren’t too favorable for winning, but you can improve them with a higher amount of RAY staked and for a longer period.

A minimum stake of 100 RAY for over 7-days (~$1080) earns at least one lottery ticket. If staking for more than 30-days before launch, the minimum requirement is 50 RAY (~$540) and maximum limit of 250 RAY. Staking 250 RAY (~$2700) for at least 30 days can give you seven tickets, improving the odds of winning to 20%.

Considering the potential returns, only one successful entry would pay off your RAY stake for subsequent participation.

Stats from the last four lotteries on the AcceleRaytor.

The AcceleRaytor platform requires a one-time registration of tickets where ticket holders have to deposit the amount of USDC that they are ready to spend on tokens. You must keep track of the upcoming launches if you want to have a chance to get an allocation.

On the other hand, winning in the lottery isn’t guaranteed and you are risking your initial investment here. If the market tanks and RAY melts, you will lose money.

Besides, the astronomical gains of more than 10x will eventually stop at some point. So, the best-case scenario is that you stake RAY, win a few lotteries and withdraw money while the demand for RAY and IDO tokens is still there. However, there’s a substantial chance that it won’t work out like that.

In my opinion, if you check Solanalysis and AcceleRaytor on a daily basis, they can become your money-making machines. With a pipeline of upcoming events, you will be able to spot the most promising ones and, hopefully, capitalize on them. Good luck!

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