Though the NFT bubble on Ethereum seems to be deflating, there is still an opportunity to flip digital art on Solana and make next-day 2-3x returns.

While this strategy is incredibly risky, if you can get your process down and minimize your risk, you can get in on the best sales and beat the competition.

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Now, onto Solana NFTs…

NFT Mania on Solana

Trade volumes on NFT marketplace OpenSea have soared to an all-time high of over $1.2 billion in the last month as the craze for non-fungible tokens continues. People are desperate to buy Ethereum NFTs from popular collections and artists. Some are ready to pay millions for JPEGs that were worthless just a few years ago.

Seeing enormous demand for NFTs on Ethereum, other chains also want to take a bite out of the pie. That is how Solana appeared on our Radar.

Solanart—the first NFT marketplace on Solana launched in June of this year. And now we see a wave of users and NFT projects moving to Solana.

For us, as calculated speculators, these NFTs present an opportunity. A few recent sales of NFTs on Solana were quite profitable. For example:

Degen Ape Academy

  • Sollamas NFT sold NFT Lamas for 4 SOL. However, the sale encountered several issues, and now the project plans to offer a refund to all the unhappy users. A simple strategy is to get a refund for all the unpopular Lamas and sell the popular ones at a higher price.


  • Solanimal sold NFT animals for 3 SOL and currently trading at the floor price of 2.9-3 SOL. However, you could easily sell it for 6 SOL, right after the listing on Solanart.


Given the above numbers, the risk/reward ratios look quite attractive.

Finding Solana Sales

Currently, there is only one marketplace for NFTs on Solana: It is the primary source for information on upcoming sales.

Usually, the Solanart team lists upcoming NFT sales on their website, but not all of the time. To make sure you catch all of their sales be sure to also follow Solanart on Twitter.

Currently on our Radar are two NFT sales from Solana:

How to Get SOL

I buy SOL on Binance. However, if you don’t have access to Binance, check out the list of available exchanges here. SOL is available on both Coinbase and FTX.

When it comes to Solana wallets, there are several of them, but I would recommend using Phantom wallet. I have used it for several weeks already, and it seems to work perfectly fine. This wallet was recommended to us by Solana’s CEO Anatoly Yakovenko during one of the interview calls we had with him a few months ago.

When to Sell?

From my experience trading and minting NFTs on Ethereum and Solana, the best time to sell is right after the marketplace listing. Usually, during that time, interest and prices are higher than they are a few days after the listing.

Of course, I don’t know what will happen in five years, and NFTs that you trade for several hundred bucks might be worth millions of dollars in the long term. But I prefer certainty.

However, for the most part, my investment strategy is to find flip opportunities. I don’t like the prospects for holding these JPEGs over the long term. It’s simply not worth the risk, in my opinion.

HODLing for More Alpha

If you are interested in finding a long-term investment, I will share one last piece of information that could pay off big time.

We all know how expensive Crypto Punks are; they were among the first NFTs on Ethereum. Following the same logic, in a few years the early NFTs on Solana, if the project continues its trajectory, could be as expensive as Punks are today.

So, I highly encourage you to check out Solarians—the first NFT ever issued on Solana. Currently, you can buy it for as low as 19.08 SOL, but who knows how much it will cost in five years…


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