During the 2008 recession, the gaming industry came out unscathed. While gaming stock prices decreased with the broader market, the companies witnessed consistent demand for games, mainly because the internet was getting more accessible and cheaper, attracting new users globally. 

I have a similar optimism for the blockchain gaming industry. I think blockchain-based entertainment can bring significant gains for early participants, even if they have to live through a bear market. 

The game I will talk about today, Eizper Chain, presents an opportunity for early buyers to enter at a reasonable price of about $15. The project is backed by prominent crypto venture funds like CMS Holdings, Huobi Ventures, and QCP Capital

You can potentially profit off the upcoming in-game token sale by acquiring its NFTs and getting an allocation. Or, you can stick around and play to benefit once the game becomes more popular.

While the game is free-to-play (F2P), it comprises items and equipment which can be transformed into tradable NFTs. To transform assets into NFTs, players need the in-game currency, Eizper Shards ($ESH), which will be launched off-chain on a centralized server like most traditional game credits. With an off-chain token, the team aims to attract gamers outside the crypto community who are inexperienced with blockchain wallets and NFTs.

Another token, $EIZ, will be launched on Solana, which will act as the governance and marketplace token. You can get access to its initial sale by buying an in-game NFT.

NFTs are divided into three classes: Monsters, Heroes, and non-playable characters (NPCs). The Monsters and Heroes are more suitable for active players, while NPCs are for those who look for passive income.

Currently, these NFTs are selling at a minimum price of 0.2 SOL (worth $12.6) and a maximum price of around 1 SOL (worth $63), depending on the number of stars for each NFTs; five being the rarest and one being common. The rarer NFTs will get a higher token allocation in the upcoming token sale and special in-game perks.

NFT holders will get a spot in the initial sale of the game’s governance token, $EIZ. The team mentioned in their Discord that NFT holders will get an exclusive token allocation in a closed sale conducted before the public sale and at a lower price. 

After the token sale date announcement by the team, the price of NFTs will likely rise. As a holder, you can sell your NFTs at a profit after the announcement or participate in the sale event to try profiting off selling $EIZ. Keep in mind that your NFT will most likely lose quite a bit of value after the sale starts. So, your $EIZ profit should at least offset that.

If you decide to stick around and play, your risk and potential reward will increase. The risk lies in the team’s ability to develop an immersive game that can attract a large community. If they can, you as an early adopter should benefit significantly more than those who sold tokens and NFTs soon after the initial sales. 

Some blockchain gaming guilds like Avocado DAO, and Good Games Guild participated in the seed NFT sale. Moreover, backers like Alameda and Crypto.com will likely help with the exchange listing of the game’s token. Eizper Chain NFTs are already trading on the FTX NFT marketplace. All of this instills optimism about the project’s adoption.

The team launched the beta version of the game on Mar. 25 and plans to release the full version by Q3 this year. This should support interest in the project.

You can purchase their NFTs from Solana NFT marketplaces like Magic Eden, or FTX NFT Marketplace. Note that the prices on Magic Eden are lower than on FTX. Follow the project’s Discord server and Twitter for token sale announcements.

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