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Pro BTC Trader is your daily email, sent at 7am EST (USA time), with price trends and predictions on where Bitcoin is headed to help you identify potential trades. Please contact us at [email protected] if you do not receive these daily emails.

Otherwise, to make sure you always receive our emails, reply back to the "getting started" email you received after you signed up with a one, or more, word message (e.g., "HODL"). This will help prevent our emails from being blocked or marked as spam by your email server.

What you get and how to use Pro BTC Trader

Pro BTC Trader

Each email contains an overview of where bitcoin is at and is likely going based on our lead Bitcoin analyst, Nathan Batchelor's, FOSPP framework.

  • Fundamental Analysis - Reviewing the impact of macro-economic trends like interest rates and major industry news on Bitcoin.
  • On-chain Analysis - Analyzing current "whale" activity on-chain to detect market changing transfers of coins.
  • Sentiment Analysis - Analyzing social media to show which way the herd is leaning on channels such as Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram.
  • Price Action - Analyzing price fluctuations to detect unnatural price flows, especially during price pumps.
  • Patterns - Using technical analysis to detect upcoming reversals in the direction of prices.

Coins on the Move Dashboard

Coins on the Move is a short-term signals dashboard that combines the projects’ fundamental developments along with short term factors and catalysts.

Coins on the Move provides you with:

  • An easy way to get quick and actionable short-term investment signals.
  • Entry, target, and stop-loss prices.
  • Insights on near-term projections and the reasoning for the expected move.
  • The short-term cards on Coins on the Move are also in line with Crypto Investment Strategy: Part Three - The Active Trader.

You can find the Coins-on-the-Move Dashboard here.

Learn more about how Coins on the Move works here.

LIVE Trading War Room

Each week, you will also have access to the LIVE Trading War Room. This is a 30-minute live webinar on Wednesdays, 1130am EST (USA time) hosted by Nathan where he will share

  • The fundamental factors influencing the crypto-currency markets
  • An up-to-date look at BTC/USD on the charts through various time frames and indicators
  • New developing trends and a walk through of chart analysis
  • Forward looking predictions on where Bitcoin is headed

In these weekly webinars, Nathan goes through popular chart analysis strategies and other educational topics to help you better understand what’s happening in the market. You'll also have a chance to ask questions and watch Nathan chart other interesting or major coins like ETH, DOT and ADA.

You can watch recordings of previous webinars here.

To watch and participate live, click the RSVP link sent by email on Mondays or 10 minutes prior to starting.

Sample Pro BTC Trader Email

Whale Data Pro BTC Trader: Daily Commentary and Trade Alert

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